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When travel feels comfortable again for you, wouldn’t it be nice to add huge perks to every hotel stay when you do? Hilton Diamond is Hilton Honors highest standard elite status, offering perks like complimentary breakfast, huge bonus points, upgrades and lounge access, and it typically requires 60 nights in a Hilton room in a year, to earn.

But right now, thanks to a doubly wonderful promotion, you can earn it with just 9 nights, and you’ll have the status until March 31st, 2022, if you have elite status of any level, with any other hotel program. The best fast track offer to get to Diamond just got double dipped, and you should definitely jump in.

Conrad Hilton, Bali.

Hilton Diamond 9 Night Fast Track

Hilton is offering double points and double nights for all stays through the rest of the year, after registering. That’s exciting on its own, but remarkably, the double nights also counts for fast tracks to elite status, if you accept a status challenge.

No matter what, you’d still get to keep your current elite status. This is just an opportunity to add Hilton Diamond to your arsenal, with just 9 nights in 90 days.

Hilton openly offers a fast track to Diamond status which require 18 nights in a 90 day period, but with the double night promo, you can complete the fast track challenge in just 9 nights. Hilton confirms in the T&C’s that the double nights will count toward fast tracks, which creates a spectacular opportunity to earn more than a year of top tier status.

Conrad Koh Samui

How To Register & Earn Hilton Diamond

An obvious prerequisite of this opportunity is creating a free Hilton Honors account, if you don’t already have one. The other necessity is elite status with a competing hotel chain, even if it’s just a basic status. Once you’ve got those two things covered, you can submit your application here, when you’re ready to stay 9 nights within 90 days.

The Double Points & Double Nights promotion is the key to making this work, and the promotion applies from September 8th to December 31st, so you’ll need to find a 90 day window within that time to complete at least 9 nights with Hilton.

Registration for the Double Points & Nights promotion is now live, so it may be time to fill in your once per account lifetime status match request. Be sure not to initiate your status match request too far before any upcoming stays, but also don’t wait too late, since it can take over a week for Hilton fast track applications to be approved.


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  1. thought i left this comment yesterday but can’t see it. Does this offer apply to any Hilton, anywhere, at any price point?

  2. Seem easier to just upgrade to Aspire from my Surpass and get $150K points and pay the $450 fee to get Diamond than to pay for 9 nights.

  3. Can those with current Hilton Gold use the status match option? Or could I use one of my other Amex Platinum statuses to try to get it?

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