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As people return to travel, it’s nice to a return to a “better” world of travel, right? Hilton is now doing its part, making it easy for families or friends requiring connecting rooms to get them, without having to schmooze with the front desk.

As one of the singular most frustrating elements of booking a hotel stay for many groups, the change may appear a quiet one, but is quite significant.

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Hilton Allows Guests To Book Connecting Rooms

“I’m sorry, we don’t have any connecting rooms available”. It’s a phrase many who travel in groups have heard, as they check in to a maxed out hotel. For families, it can be a deal breaker, without the ability to safely monitor children.

Hilton claims its now the first major global hotel chain to solve this issue, with its ‘Confirmed Connecting Rooms by Hilton‘ booking option, which allows anyone to book two rooms or more at the time of purchase.

It’s all supposed to be rather simple, too. Hilton says the product is rolling out globally and will be available at all of the groups 18 hotel brands in the near future, all available online and in the Hilton app. Here’s how it goes…

Individuals can now book and instantly confirm connecting rooms in three easy steps:

Step 1: Select number of desired rooms, along with the destination and dates, and choose your hotel  

Step 2: When selecting a room, check the box to indicate interested in connecting rooms

Step 3: Select each connecting room at the desired rates, and book the stay with instant confirmationHilton

How it took this long for a hotel chain to figure something this simple out, is beyond me. But, it’s great – and great is great. Hilton’s move now undoubtedly applies pressure for other chains to match, ensuring that connecting rooms become something easy to confirm well advance of the stay. That makes travel better for all.

Despite its challenges, the pandemic allowed many travel companies to accelerate their digital moves, helping to usher in a new era of digital room keys, better booking flow and concierge via an app.

The Hilton move is a strong one, which absolutely gives families and anyone making multi room bookings a competitive reason to choose Hilton over others, at least until other top hotel groups match.

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