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There’s just no place like Tokyo…

There’s economy – then there’s Singapore Airlines economy. This is the airline with the wide seats, big entertainment screens, great food and even better recline which has earned the airline a podium spot for best economy class year after year. In Premium Economy, it’s even better. Singapore Airlines offers book the cook dining, champagne and even Singapore Slings in Premium, in addition to a benchmark premium economy seat, making it one of the best affordable ways to travel in comfort.

With all that praise, Singapore Airlines rarely launches major sales, but today they are blowing minds with $449 round trip Economy, and Premium Economy to Tokyo under $1000 as well. Those kind of deals happen once or twice a year at best, so here’s how to jump on these awesome opportunities to explore Japan…

Tokyo At Meguro CanalThe Flight Deals To Tokyo

A trip to Tokyo, or Japan in general is unlike any other you take. Few places have more identity and unique characteristics, and when that boils down to amazing food, friendly people and great nights out, there’s almost too much to love. I legitimately get withdrawals every time I leave.

In terms of weather, Tokyo is a lot like New York, with cold winters, super hot summers and almost idyllic in between periods, like late February through May. Get excited, because these flight deals offer the chance to explore this incredible city in 2020, during these perfect months, and right before the 2020 Olympic Games kick off! T

The very best deals on Singapore Airlines are available from Los Angeles, but Delta has even lower premium economy deals in the $800’s from San Diego and Las Vegas, and there are great economy deals from these cities as well as New York and Boston too!

The Dates You Can Travel To Japan

It’s rare that the lowest prices are for the best flights on five star airlines, with non stop service – but that’s exactly what’s on offer here. The $445 economy flight deals are available from January 14th through May 19th 2020, for departures between Monday and Thursday.

The Premium Economy deals on Singapore Delta begin as early as October 2019, and run all the way through 2019 into late May of 2020. These deals are exclusively for departures on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you want to do a suer short stop, you’ll need to leave on the Monday or Tuesday.

Most of these amazing deals only have a minimum stay requirement of a night or two, which makes them flexible for long weekend trips, or quick getaways. You can also stay much longer. A Wednesday to Monday trip would be a cool way to experience the city, without blowing too much vacation time.

a piece of sushi on a counterHow To Book These Amazing Flight Deals

Seriously, these prices from Singapore Airlines typically come twice a year max, with one of those times being Black Friday. This is as low as they ever go, and for the in flight experience with direct flights, it’s hard to beat the value. Of course, if you can swing it… premium brings a lot more comfort at a price you’d usually expect to pay for economy too. Here’s links to all the best deals from each city, so click, change dates, search and enjoy!


Premium Economy

Here’s why proper sushi in Tokyo is a life changing experience, a few fun ideas for your first trip and a guide to maximising your time while you’re there. It’s safe to say, I’m super jealous, and I’ve only just been!

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