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For those looking to transform the comfort of their journeys between Europe and Australia, without breaking the bank – it hasn’t been the best of years! We haven’t seen any deals really crossing under £1700 all year, and when they have, it’s only been for a brief moment. Out of the blue, Air China is changing that for the better, with attractive deals to Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, this time out of Italy. Here’s the details…

The Aussie Business Class Deals

Air China is flying a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner out of Rome, which means you’ll enjoy one of Air China’s better seating setups, with 2x2x2 business class. It’s the same seat you’ll find on quite a few airlines and looks exactly like this…

a seat in a planeIt’s not direct aisle access unless you choose an aisle seat, but they are fully flat and perfectly comfortable. Put it this way, it’s miles and miles better than an economy or premium seat, and for a similar price, it’s a steal.

If you want to pay more: Qatar is around £1800-£2000 out of Stockholm, Oslo or Rome.

The best deals are all out of Rome, but given that it’s a direct flight from most of Europe that shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, using points means that you could potentially position yourself with little to no extra cost, since the savings may be thousands better than the prices you’d find from your home airport. The lowest prices work for Melbourne or Sydney, but Auckland is only around €100 more.

a row of colorful beach hutsThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals are good for travel in the first half of 2020, and any of these cities from January to May are pretty idyllic. Just as an FYI, it reached 50°C this week in Australia, so getting there just outside of peak summer can be a pretty wise move.

You can travel in January, February, March, April or May. There may be other dates beyond those, but we didn’t find any with ease. The only rule for these flights is you must spend at least 3 nights in Oz or NZ before returning. It would be an awfully long trip not to…

How To Book These Deals

Air China is a solid Star Alliance airline which means you can earn miles in a variety of airline loyalty programs, even though your flights are on Air China. You can even earn Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles. For £1475 round trip, you really won’t find lower deals at the moment, and from some cities, you’d be lucky to find premium for these prices.

a screenshot of a flight scheduleYou can book these flights with Air China, or via your favourite online travel agency. Hot tip: use the Air China flexible calendar tool to find lower prices with greater ease. Air China seems to have slightly lower fares than the OTA’s. Here’s an an example like…

Here’s a guide to the best food, sights and things to do in Melbourne, and also in Sydney. You’ll thank us later. Oh, and if you’re going to New Zealand, definitely try to hit the South Island too, it’s almost too pretty down there…

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  1. You can get creative with open jaws and land back in LHR if that is where you’re based… or even double open jaws (ARN – SYD —- AKL – LHR) with Air-China and it takes it by only another £100-200 quid..

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