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What if we told you you could use your data, as if you were at home, in 135 countries around the world? No daily usage charges, changing sim cards or anything like that. We could tell you that about Google’s Project Fi phone service, but it wouldn’t be accurate. The service now actually works in 170 countries. It’s only getting better.

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Google Project Fi has picked up an additional 35 countries in which travelers can use their data, just like at home. Use Google Maps, call an Uber, whatever you may need, in 170 countries around the world. Wherever you are, you pay 10 per gig of usage. So if you use 2 gigabytes of data per month, you’ll pay 20 bucks. If you use 1.9 gigabytes, you’ll pay $19 for data. It’s the same everywhere.

Data Charges

For streamers of the highest magnitude, Google Project Fi has extended an olive branch. The service now caps data usage charges after 10 gigabytes in a month, even if you’re on a group account. You can still continue to use data, you just don’t have to pay for it. Though it’s rumored Google will slightly slow your service down after you cross that (ridiculous) monthly milestone.

a cell phone with a screenBenefits

We love Google Project Fi for many reasons. But those that stand out include: device tethering – offering connections where wifi is not available, a phone number which works wherever we go and easy data access. When you land, your phone automatically searches for available service and alerts you when it’s ready. The Pixel Phone also offers an outstanding camera, which has helped us shed heavier travel gear for most touring.

Worth It

Google Project Fi is undoubtedly a top cell phone plan for travelers around the world. There are no contracts, and you can pause or cancel service at any time. But you’ll need a Nexus or Google Phone to be able to utilize the network. You also need a US address to pick up your sim card. With those two things in mind, it offers one of the most affordable solutions to coverage on the go, and increased benefits are seemingly added regularly. You can get $20 off your first month if you sign up using our link.

What do you think of Google Project Fi?

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  1. Hi, Project Fi user here. A quick aside on iPhone usage. A customer can get extra Fi SIM cards mailed home, at no cost. These cards can then go into an unlocked iPhone for data only. For me and wife it is more than enough, since you can still use skype for phone calls, and SMS (if linked to iMessage) still works. You miss is the ability to receive calls on your phone number, to us a reasonable price to pay for free data everywhere.

  2. I travel to India a lot on work. I bought an Indian SIM card for $2.50. Then I bought 10 gigs of data every day for a year for $16! Works great on my Samsung phone and tethers to up to 9 others. My wife and I have tethered 2 IPads and 2 phones and they all work. Check local prices before you pay $10 for one gig.

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