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Forget paper maps! Between social media, instant restaurant reviews and real time turn by turn directions, having phone service abroad is clutch. The faster, the better. No one likes waiting for a Justin Bieber video to buffer, do they? When Google launched “Fi’ in 2015, the service instantly transformed the U.S. mobile phone game, allowing travelers to visit more than 135 countries without paying redundant data roaming charges or swapping SIM cards. Now serving more than 170 countries, Google Fi is focusing on speed. We were going to go with a Top Gun quote, but we’ll let you take care of that for yourself…

a group of red telephone booths33 Countries Get Speed Boosts

In the coming weeks with some already underway, Google Fi will offer 4G LTE in 33 popular countries. With speed upgrades in Hong Kong, Iceland, United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, France and Italy, to name a few, this is great news for travel fanatics. For a full list, check out the Google blog post. Yes, Google blogs too.

Better Google Messaging Apps

When people switch from iPhone to Google Pixel or another Fi equipped device, there’s usually one buzzkill. Rich messaging, like the platform offered in iMessage hasn’t existed. Sure, most people use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger anyway, but Google is changing that for good. Google Messages is receiving a “RCS” chat update, which will allow Fi and Android devices to deliver read receipts at your choice ; ) as well as rich video content.

Is Project Fi The Best Plan For Traveler?

If you travel, it really might be. This traveler switched plans in 2016 and has never looked back. Few feelings rival landing in a foreign country and seeing “Welcome to Qatar, Google Fi has you covered here”. For a full review on the Google Fi service with the phones you can use and why it may (or may not) make sense for you, head here.

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  1. A signed up for the 11/28 promo, they said I was eligible if I submit and order, then weeks later they say no, when it’s too late to return phone. I will be taking them to court. So heads up with dealing with Fi, they are not to be trusted.

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