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It like… predicts your needs!

When you’re visiting a new country, or even just a new city – you’ve naturally got some questions, and savvy tips are always appreciated. Like – Are tips expected? What’s the number for 911? Do they take dollars? Are there any delicious and affordable dining spots? The wildest nightclub? Is there a realistic itinerary for fitting in all the sights in a day? These are the questions we ask, and Google has used the infinite collective wisdom of the internet to answer virtually every possible question, with their brilliant Google Trips app.

a screenshot of a cell phoneIntuitive Everything

Google Trips offers a ridiculously simple and easy to use interface, which proactively offers just about anything and everything you might be looking for, from the visual home screen. Need to pull up your reservation details? Done. Want restaurant recommendations? Easy. Easy day plans, or currency questions? Answered. Just tap one of the big bold shapes to get started. Well, in the app (Mac download, Android Download) – not on here. Tapping the picture above won’t get you anywhere.

a screenshot of a phoneReservations Organized

As amusing as rifling through your inbox is – it’s not. When you need to find the magic confirmation number, or prove to immigration authorities that you have a valid reservation, there’s nothing better than having all travel bookings organized in one place. There’s even a direct link to the original email. If you have Gmail, Google will automatically sync trip data, and if you don’t you can add it in with ease, by pressing the + button. Booking references, sorted. Oh! And you can download each city guide offline, so you won’t have to use any data abroad.a screenshot of a menu

The Perfect Meal

The first crucial ingredient to any successful trip is a great meal to get things started. Google Trips has in depth lists for every possible craving, from fine dining to cheap eats, Thai food and anything in between. You’ll see detailed reviews and user feedback, and even some amateur pictures of the food! Even the restaurant reviews are available offline, if you download your city guide!

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The Need To Know

Ok, the what’s the number for 911 was indeed a joke, but do you need to know the number for whatever local emergency services exists. In Singapore, it’s 999 for emergencies and 995 for fire and ambulance – just FYI. Whether it’s currency questions, service tipping customs or how to get assistance when you need it most, you simply press “need to know” and you’ll have just about everything you need to know. Including how to get tax free shopping in most cities!

a screenshot of a phone

a screenshot of a phone

The Perfect Day

It’s easy to look up a city’s top highlight attractions, but it’s far less intuitive to plan the order in which to visit, or the time it will take between. Google Trips has got your back here, offering detailed options for the perfect day trip, including how long it takes to get in between each place, what people are saying about the sights and what kind of transportation is available at each juncture. You’ll look like the savviest traveler of all time, no matter how savage your companions!

screenshot of a cellphone with a picture of a city and a discount tagExclusive Discounts

As you may already know, Google is kind of a big deal. By using Google Trips, travelers are able to secure exclusive discounts offered through the app, on awesome attractions, tours and other services. With so many potential clients, it’s no wonder that companies are willing to offer special discounts in hopes of gaining some business from savvy travelers, like yourself! There’s a local favorites section as well, which can lead you to under the radar discoveries.

a screenshot of a phoneSaved Favorites

Once you’ve used the tools to find the perfect restaurant, best attractions and coolest coffee bars, you definitely don’t want to find them all over again. You can easily drop any places that piques your interest into a “Saved Places” folder. The folder keeps all the contact info, addresses and anything else you might need for each place. We’ve even made you one for New York.

Do you use Google Trips?

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