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Is it this stop? Oh snap, it WAS that stop! Off we go on a one hour joyride around the city. Too bad we only had 10 minutes to spare. Sound familiar? All around the world, mass transit provides the cheapest and most efficient options for getting around, but it’s not always easy. Fortunately, thanks to expanding global mobile coverage and a handy new trick from Google, you may never miss a stop again. Maybe.

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In addition to increased clarity as to “which” line, or platform, Google will now give you real time journey updates. You’ll get things like “your train is departing from Platform 2”. But you’ll also get notifications when it’s time to get off, ensuring that you don’t miss your stop. If there’s a mic drop moment in travel this year, it just may be that single enhancement.

a street sign in a cityEspecially in foreign cities, and especially in those within non english signage – it’s incredibly comforting to know when it’s time to move. TechCrunch reports the new update will launch next week. This move puts the app on par with CityMapper for directions, but with the leg up for real time notifications. GoogleMaps already buzzes when it’s time to turn, when walking around a city. And you can also send all your favorite spots to friends, in one message. Basically – Google Maps is awesome, and this is an exciting update. Those “sorry I’m late” excuses are getting harder to come by…

HT: TechCrunch

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