The talking computer voice was so Y2K…

When Google launched the Google Assistant with the Pixel phone, it immediately became the most functional artificial intelligence assistant in the mass market. It listens, it learns, it interprets and it’s actually capable of helping with things like directions, scheduling and everything else. Usually on the first attempt! But, what if it could secure restaurant reservations, gather flight information, order room service or secure late check out, with artificial intelligence calls, made on your behalf? You’ve gotta see this to believe it, and fortunately you can…

Natural Language Learning

Artificial intelligence goes far beyond simple requests. It involves interpretation and context to solve problems like a real human being. What if there are no six o’clock reservations, would eight still be ok for the Google user? Google Duplex is an amazing evolution of problem solving and contextual thought, but it’s the nuances the new system has developed which are simply mind blowing. Google invested heavily in deep learning and human language, to teach computers to find nuance in the human voice. Do people slightly raise the pitch of their voice for certain parts of a sentence? Do they perhaps slow down a bit, or spell things out for others? Watch below and learn…

Endless Travel Possibilities

Google Duplex will roll out to Google Assistant this summer, ready and able to make restaurant reservations and basic appointments for Android phone users. As mentioned in the brilliant video examples, the Assistant is able to perform these functions in the background, without any noise or hindrance to whatever else you’re doing. So if you’re stuck in an airport immigration line unable to speak, it can speak for you. Will there be a day the service may expand to Google Travel, able to rebook you onto a later flight, or request late check out on your behalf, while you swim some laps? It would be more shocking if it couldn’t!

Did anyone else love the “mmmkay”  as much as we did?

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