Tokyo, Japan - Jan 11, 2019: Crowded people and car traffic at Kabukicho, entertainment night life and red-light district in Shinjuku Tokyo

There are lots of things to look forward to when travel reopens, particularly for destinations which have been closed off to outside visitors for nearly a year. Perhaps none more exciting though, than being “eaten” by Godzilla, after hurling through the sky on a zip line.

It just doesn’t get much more Japanese, and if you needed another reason to add the country to your bucket list, you’ve got one. It’s expecting to welcome back tourists from April 2021, by the way.

Just about an hour outside of stunning Osaka sits Awajishima, a park filled island with much to see. But right now, all heads are turned to one singular direction: the Godzilla exhibit inside the Anime theme park, and one soon to open feature, expected to open Sunday, October 11th.

Godzilla, based on the 1954 film classic, is a staple of Japanese culture and pop lore, and now locals and (hopefully soon) visitors too, will have a chance to experience the mythical beast in all its glory. Aside from zip line thrills, the park offers extremely rare Godzilla memorabilia, including movie props.

Including, being eaten by Godzilla.

The theme park is now open for sneak peeks, and construction has been completed on the world’s only permanent life sized Godzilla statue. For many on the outside of Japan left looking in, you’ll have to watch and dream, or have full on nightmares – whichever Godzilla brings. The park is set to open this weekend with a massive outdoor zip line, where guests can fly at great speed into the mouth of Godzilla.

Osaka has long been overlooked by too many visitors to Japan, and provides a crucial look into the diversity of Japanese food, culture and boundless landscape. If you are headed to Japan next year, don’t miss the new Godzilla attraction, and definitely don’t miss the 48 hour guide to Osaka.

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