Upgrades. Elite status is your ticket to guaranteed upgrades on almost everything involving travel except your seat, those only happen sometimes. With elite status, regardless of what cabin you’re flying in, you’ll likely be entitled to some of the best perks including first class check in, fast track security, lounge access, and of course, actual upgrades. Getting started can be overwhelming so I’ve put together this guide to help make some sense of it all…

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Sign Up For Lots Of Frequent Flier Programs

I am a member of just about every frequent flier program under the sun. By doing so, I am able to collect miles every time I fly, whichever airline I fly. By receiving marketing communications from the various programs, I am also in the loop for any fare sales or mileage bonuses which can really help get started or score me an upgrade. Many airlines have shopping, rental car and other partners which offer major miles for doing everyday things like shopping top stores online, taking surveys or tweeting. Here are ten ways to earn miles without flying. And THIS is how you earn airline miles for all of your online purchases. 

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Points and miles do not have a fixed value. Knowing what they are worth at a minimum is a huge step towards not wasting them. Your airline or credit card will offer you a cash value towards a ticket or purchase at a rate of 1 cent per mile (10,000 points= 100 Dollars). In fact, your points and miles can be worth upwards of 9 cents per mile if used in optimal ways. Quite often, for 50,000 miles I could fly in Business Class to a far away destination in a flat bed. Tickets like these usually cost thousands so instead of getting $500 worth of value from those 50,000 miles I am getting much more. 

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Never Spend A Dollar Without Earning Points..

The best advice I have is to turn your every day consumer habits into points gathering techniques. Every purchase I might otherwise write a check or use a debit card for, I pay with a credit card which earns points or miles. Pay things off just like you would if it was cash (in full) and earn every time. Whether its an airline credit card, an Amex, Chase or Citi card that earns points you can transfer or a Tesco’s card, you should never make a purchase without being rewarded. Just make sure your points go directly to an airline or can be transferred to an airline. You’d be amazed how quickly miles accumulate. Of course if you don’t have a points earning card, check this info for some great ideas. I personally recommend any American Express card that earns Membership Rewards points, which are points you can transfer to many different airlines at any point in time. 

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Follow Blogs Like Mine  & Flight Deal Sites…

We all have sources. I choose to keep virtually none of mine secret because I love having an informed community. I post many of the most shocking or outrageously good deals but many I choose not to cover because I would be writing all day and everyone has different needs. If you want to get the most from this blog, connect with us on Facebook where we post many things that we do not on here. Additionally, check sites like TheFightDeal, Secret Flying and FlyerTalk Premium Fare forum to find out about really cheap deals and really cheap premium cabin deals which are sometimes less than coach. Of course since you already signed up for frequent flier programs, you will earn miles on every flight you take from now on…

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Earn Miles Or Freebies For Referrals

You know what I love? Free stuff. When I am traveling, having a free cab ride can be priceless to me. If you have services like Uber that you enjoy, refer your friends and earn free rides. If you have a credit card you really like, you can get between 5,000-18,000 frequent flier miles for every single person you refer. Don’t overlook this lucrative way to earn miles and freebies without traveling.

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Set Goals For Your Miles, When To Cash Out…

Mileage hoarding is dumb which I have illustrated in this post. These days miles lose value almost every two years. If I know I need 100,000 miles for the round trip business class ticket in a flat bed to the destination of my dreams, I cash out as soon as I reach that number. Set a goal no matter how big or small. Did you know that you only need 9,000 miles for some free round trip flights?

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I think the most common misconception is that this is some sort of insider niche thing. Points and miles are for everyone, collectible by everyone and can be enjoyed by everyone. The better you are at it, the more free trips, the more great experience and the more of the world you will see. I started this blog because I wanted to elevate the way I traveled without changing my income, my spending or my every day habits. Coach is for the most part a thing of the past and I am constantly visiting places I only dreamed of. Get in the game. 

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