What if I told you that one of the absolute best lounges in the United States was open to anyone with an American Express card? It’s true. International fliers are used to a certain level of style, service and amenities in their airport lounges. We in the U.S. are more accustomed to overcrowded frill free places where you might be able to plug your phone in, get a couple bottom shelf drinks and pass the time. Rather than continue to lose and gain sub par lounge partners on a weekly basis, American Express decided to open their own and do it better. 

a room with a table and chairs

a room with a tv and couches

Presently there are lounges at New York La Guardia, San Francisco, Dallas and Las Vegas with a Miami location and (likely more) soon to open. Each lounge features a local and internationally celebrated chef, mixologist and wine sommelier. In New York Amex chose Cédric Vongerichten of Perry St to curate a city centric food menu, Jim Meehan of PDT (a James Beard award winner) to create a New York only cocktail menu and Anthony Giglio, award winning wine author to curate the wine menu. The same detail and unique elements have carried into every Centurion Lounge and offer an insane escape from the airport experience. The best part, no card members seem to even know about them : )

a woman behind a counter in a restaurant

To get in to a Centurion lounge all you need is an American Express card. If you have a Platinum card the lounge is complimentary to you and two guests, if you have any other card it is $50 per person but well worth the trip. Mind you, you have access to unlimited high end cocktails, chef food, wifi, comfortable seating and all the bubbly you need to put you to sleep for your flight. I always compare a lounge to a burger and a beer in the terminal, or even just some snacks. Everything in an airport terminal is price inflated. If you bought a burger and a beer in the terminal you would be looking at around $30 plus tip by the time the dust clears. Why not have all you can eat and drink for $50?

Elevate your travel at minimal expense. A lounge is one of the most simple and thrilling ways to change the way you travel without changing your income. The way I see it, after a couple drinks, some food and some wifi, you come out making money….

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