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Free stuff is really nice. Getting upgraded rental cars and additional perks when renting cars, also very nice. Getting all of this extra rental car happiness just for things you may already have: priceless. A perfect storm of events have transpired, allowing you to grab at least one, and likely even two free rental car elite statuses, just for being you. We’re going to lay out the two deals, and then how to combine them.

Deal #1: National Is Matching All Rental, Hotel And Airline Statuses…

This is a bit wild. The leading rental car chain is willing to grant elite status to anyone who holds another rental car status, hotel elite status or airline elite status. Essentially, if you’re important to anyone (even if you got it from your credit card for free) National wants to make you important to them too. Here are all the details. Thanks to ViewFromTheWing for the tip. 

Deal #2 Free Hertz Gold Plus Presidents Circle Status For Having Mastercard World Elite Credit Card (Worldwide)…

Another amazing free rental car status just from a credit card you likely have in your wallet. Not sure if you have one? Just look on the back of any of your Mastercard credit cards. It’ll say either World, or World Elite. If it says World Elite- you’re golden. Simply follow this link to register for your complimentary status.

Combine Both Offers For Two Statuses Or More…

Obviously, even if you didn’t previously have any elite status, if you’re able to take advantage of the Hertz deal thanks to your credit card- you can now match that status back to Enterprise. This is a wonderful opportunity to have choice between two top rental providers around the world. Since status match opportunities are rampant these days, it’s not at all unreasonable to think that yo could match either of these statuses to someone else, like Avis. Enjoy!

HT: ViewFromTheWing

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  1. This isn’t Enterprise, it’s National. I know they have reciprocal point earning but I think their elite levels are separate. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. You are correct. Dunno wtf I was thinking. Quite obviously National. My brain was too focused on Qatar this morning!

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