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Dust off that American passport, it may soon be a gold standard in travel, once again. French President Emanuel Macron told US television the country will do everything in its power to open once again to Americans this summer, after more than a year left only to watch on, from the outside.

The news comes as an impressive list of countries re-think reopening plans, most with the intention of opening far earlier than previously expected. As you may predict, not all Americans will likely be welcomed though.

France Opening To Vaccinated Tourists?

Emmanuel Macron told television station CBS that France plans to welcome vaccinated Americans by summer. France would become the latest European country to do so, after Greece and Croatia made clear bids for attracting American tourists earlier in the month.

Greece is set to welcome Americans with proof of vaccination, or a negative PCR test before travel from today, the 19th of April. Croatia is already receiving US travelers. So, what exactly, did Macron tell US television about prospects for summer? When asked bluntly if Americans could visit France this summer, Macron offered…

“We are working hard to propose a very concrete solution, especially for US citizens who are vaccinated, so with a special pass. We will progressively lift the restrictions at the beginning of May, which means that we will organize in the summer time.”

Emmanuel Macron, President, France

According to insiders, vaccinated travelers from the United States, EU and UK would be able to enter France without quarantine or further restriction, likely from June onward, provided they’ve been fully vaccinated.

Update: French authorities have clarified an expected date of June 7th, as a time when Americans and other outside visitors would be eligible to enter. France plans to use an app to validate travel documents, like tests – and or vaccination status.

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French travelers would undoubtedly receive a reciprocal agreement for US travel, though it’s unclear if US plans to drop wider EU travel bans will in fact come true by summer.

It’s also unclear whether exemptions will be made for travelers bearing a negative covid-19 test certificate, taken within the days or hours before flight, as other nations have. The main current hurdle is in creating a more tamper proof solution for vaccination results.

France is urging the EU to go forward with a “green passport” to signify official status for vaccinated people wishing to travel, and the US is working on bilateral agreements to create more secured vaccination checks with trusted countries.

If the streets of Paris or the beaches of St. Tropez have been calling and you haven’t been able to answer, it shouldn’t be long now. We’d all love more details here and now, but the indication of full intention to open is enough to start thinking about late summer, or early autumn trips to this cultural haven.

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  1. Hoping Spain opens up to US tourists (vaccinated and tested) by Sept as we have a trip booked for then.

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