Flight BB8 to Jakku is delayed due to sandstorms…

If we were playing an airport psychology game, and we said “departure screens” – we’d assume stress, panic or both would be the first words you’d associate with. The blinking red lights, the big bold DELAYED lettering. They instantly invoke fear. Laughter, geekery or Han Solo – probably not so much.  But not at Heathrow – not today. On May 4th, 2018, let it be known that the fourth is with Heathrow Airport and flight HAN5010 is ready for take off…

New Exclusive Heathrow Routes

Alderaan, Hoth, Jakku and Endor are just a few of the special routes on display at Heathrow Airport today. For more adventurous travelers, it appears the Death Star is also available for boarding, though the departure sign is quick to warn that it may indeed be a trap. Just FYI. But remember, fear is the path to the dark side. It appears the fourth is very strong at Heathrow Airport today. Almost as strong as All Nippon Airways pilots, known to patrol airports with lightsabers from time to time.

a large airport terminal with luggage carts and peopleOk Enough – This Is Awesome

We could ramble on about how great Heathrow is, or how clever it was to do it. But all that matter is they actually did it. It’s hard to imagine just how much fun and how happy it made travelers to look up today and be instantly transported to a galaxy far far away, and not in fact the airport. With the sun shining at Heathrow, it appears the fourth may not just have been extended to the airport, but the weather as well. If there’s ever a perfect day to travel next year, go with the fourth.

a sign with a time planner and time zones
Courtesy: Heathrow Airport

And A Little Plug

If you’re in the UK, you can watch behind the scenes at Heathrow on “Britain’s Busiest Airport” on ITV. It may help explain just about everything you face as a traveler, and what the airport is doing to make things run with an efficiency even R2D2 would admire.

Well played, or well played?

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  1. You have to admire their creativity, between that and the Christmas bear commercials.

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