From the rolling hills of Rioja to the stunning citscapes of Madrid and all the way out to the Balearic Islands, it’s not hard to justify a trip to Spain, and if you’re in the camp hoping to enjoy one this year, good news is here. Spain appears to not only be sticking to plans to welcome international arrivals from July 1st, but is opening early for visitors from select European countries.

Madrid_plaza_mayorSpain Opens For Schengen Arrivals Early…

Spain has been slated to open for travel on July 1st, roughly 15 days after most of the EU opens borders to visitors originating from within the continent. The move is said to include select international countries as well.

With increasingly positive signs emerging, and bookings quickly on the rise, the country is moving up its timetable for reopening, at least to select European visitors, namely the Schengen Area, for arrivals starting June 21st. The Schengen area is compromised of 26 European countries. Portugal is the only notable exception to the new entry timeline, being excluded for the time being until July 1st.

Europe Reopening, Fast…

The move is a positive sign that Europe believes the worst of covid-19 is (hopefully) behind it, and is prepared to start easing back some resemblance of pre-covid normalcy, from open restaurants to movement of the people across borders.

Today, June 15th, marks the first official day for planned reopening, and already visitors are flocking to the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and other countries with few entry restrictions or quarantine needs in place. Here’s a full list of country by country openings within Europe.

Sadly, for UK based travelers, voyeurism is as close as many will come, at least for a few weeks. UK Quarantine rules force all travelers returning to the UK, including residents to self isolate for 14 days, which turns even a short trip abroad into weeks of hassle. With any hope, the rules will lift in two weeks time and UK travelers can enjoy a much needed getaway…

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  1. Heading over to Europe July for a few weeks, and then starting a lengthy stay in August.

    Can’t wait. About time we all get back to normal!

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