When was the last time your airline bowed to you? Thought so. While flying in the US has become something bordering a reality game show, it’s still a treat elsewhere. Of all the unique experiences one may find around the world, there’s just nothing quite like flying in Japan. Here’s why.

The Bow

The bow is a beautiful part of Japanese culture. Before boarding any flight, all gate agents line up in a row and offer a simultaneous bow. If you happen to arrive for check in before counters are officially open, you may just get two bows. They do it too.

The Clean

If you ever want a treat – you need to see a Japanese cleaning crew turn an airplane around. What feels like 3x the staff elsewhere quite literally jogs onto the plane, doing an immense cleaning job in record breaking time. Of all the planes you’ll fly – a flight out of Japan will be the cleanest. They even usually jog down the stairs when they’re done too!

The Boarding

Love the hoards of unorganized chaos around the boarding gate? If you do, you’ll hate flying in Japan. Extremely organized lines are created and roped off, boarding passes checked – and boarding takes rarely more than 20 minutes. Because of this brilliant feat, planes board later, giving you more time to relax beforehand.

The Wave

If you’re on a Japanese Airline, there’s an extremely high likelihood that the ground crew which helped your plane get underway will stand in line beside your plane and wave you off. Yep, you’ll see polite ground crew workers smiling and waving until your plane is on it’s way, at which point they’ll bow.

The Lines

Frequent travelers despise immigration lines. Most countries do a terrible job with immigration, leaving just two lanes open for hundreds of travelers. Not in Japan. Like some sort of clockwork, even when there are tons of passengers, immigration in Japan never takes too long thanks to constantly opening lanes and fast processing.

Have you flown in Japan? What’s your favorite part?

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