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For novelty purposes – and perhaps only novelty purposes, there’s nothing cooler than taking the longest flight in the world. But that’s all changed, with the launch of Singapore’s new non stop flight from New York to Singapore – and vice versa. When you land, you’re not just rewarded with a certificate from your mom that says “I took the world’s longest flight”, you step out into two of the most captivating cities in the world. If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to try this cool route, without totally breaking the bank, this may be the best price we ever see.

a city skyline with a body of waterThe Premium Economy Deal

Singapore Air has a limited time launch sale to kick off their all Premium Economy and Business Class Airbus A350 ultra long haul flight. At 9,500 miles, it beats the current longest flight in the world from Qatar Airways, between Doha and Auckland by roughly 500 miles. While $1299 is semi steep, it’s actually a great deal for the world’s best premium economy cabin, and at the end of the day – you’re getting almost 40 hours of enjoyment. That’s about $32 bucks an hour. And if you’re worried about premium economy, fear not. These seats are far better than domestic first class and offer book the cook, Singapore Slings, Champagne and state of the art entertainment systems.

Invalid request error occurred.The Dates

These deals expire on June 19th, for travel between October 11th, 2018 and March 31st, 2019. Not every single date will be available, but if you book directly on Singapore Air, you’ll get easy flexible calendars which show you all the best prices for entire calendar months. We recommend searching for departures between Monday and Thursday. It’s easy, we promise.

30 Rockefeller Plaza skyline at sunsetHow To Book

Pull up SingaporeAir.com, search from EWR to SIN and let the magic happen. These fares are available from Singapore, but the prices are higher. You’ll definitely do best to start in the US, if at all possible. With only two cabins on this incredible ultra long haul, state of the art plane, you can virtually ensure the epitome of Singapore’s award winning in flight service. And once you get there, here’s how to maximize your time in Singapore – and here’s some practical advice for New York City. Oh, and a few things to avoid too.

Are going to try Singapore’s worlds longest flight?

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    1. To the best of my knowledge these book into the lowest PE fares, which as of this year are no longer upgradeable. Sigh. Could be worth calling and asking what the fare difference is, to see if it’s worth up selling to a fare you can upgrade!

  1. Please correct the dates in your article which currently states between October 2018 & March 2018.

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