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Look up virtually any way to use miles for business class between the US and Europe and you’ll find a number over 50,000 points, and that’s just one way. With that in mind, it doesn’t take much convincing to figure out that 51,000 points for a round trip ticket in a great flat bed business class is pretty outstanding. For a limited time – there’s an easy way to do it using Amex, Chase, SPG Iberia or British Airways points. We’ll show you how…

a city by the waterThe Points Needed

You can accomplish this by piecing together 51,000 points from any of the following sources. If you have points spread across the various options, you can combine them all to make this work. You can use British Airways Avios, Iberia Avios, American Express Membership Rewards Points or Chase Ultimate Rewards Points. You can do this, because each type of points can be transferred into Iberia points almost instantly.

a black wallet with a blue and black designThe Plan

As reported by our friend UltimaIIamada, a top Spanish blog – Iberia is offering 25% off using your points for business and economy class tickets. With the 25% discount, round trip business class between Spain and Chicago or Boston is just 51,000 points and roughly $200 in surcharges. You can transfer British Airways, Chase or Amex Points into Iberia points instantly.

a plane with seats and monitorsThe Rules

These tickets must be booked by January 31st 2018. You can travel throughout between February 1st and May 15th, but the tickets must be booked by this date. Amex points, SPG Points and Chase points can instantly be transferred directly into Iberia. If you don’t have an Iberia account, you can create one here. To transfer points from British Airways into Iberia, you need to have earned at least one point with Iberia before you can link your accounts. Transfers from Amex or Chase would count towards this.

a city with many buildings and carsHow To Book

Step one is getting 51,000 points pooled together into Iberia by transferring your credit card points, SPG points or British Airways Avios points into Iberia. If you already have Iberia points, even better. Once the 51,000 points are in place, simply head to the Iberia 25% off page. Look for business class availability to Boston or Chicago from Madrid on the Iberia, ExpertFlyer or British Airways websites. Madrid is a perfect city to start or end any European trip, with easy onward connections to Western Europe.

Are you taking advantage of this stellar points offer?


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    1. @Karen – Why not NY? Also, you can always wait for one of the many Amex transfer bonus sales and transfer then. I did that this year, it cost 49K MR’s for a RT business class flight.

      1. Hey Chris ,
        I looked out of NY and did not have the 25 percent off . But found it in Boston . I have BA Avoid I was going to move over .

        1. @Karen – If you are using EWR or JFK as a hub, even PHL, you can always get a quick shuttle to BOS for around $100+ RT on Jet Blue or UA. Sometimes positioning really is worth it! Also, if you have Amex points, since they seem to run transfer sales all the time, you can easily do this. I did it for 49K MR’s. If you search the GSTP recent posts, and do the Spanish groupon thing, you can buy the flight for around $800. Good luck!

  1. Is this good for round trip originating from Europe to US only? I don’t see the same deal when originating from Boston to Madrid.

  2. Isn’t there a 9 across variant BA club world too ! Crikey, this looks a lot better than that !
    It does look like your feet perhaps get a bit more space in bed mode than in the QR, AY etc… reverse herringbone seats.

  3. I’ve decided this interests me !! Having originally thought Iberia’s seats would be poor on the ‘cheaper’ US routes.

    Tokyo in April might be fantastic if you are lucky with timing the blossom.

    But this EU-US route is good value.

    If you have got your points for values less than a penny then this is a good price even when adding the $200 (£150) surcharges.
    (BA would add £500 from.London).

    Very tempted.

      1. It can’t be booked over the phone. you must click the promotional link on the page. It’s not my fault and countless people have done this, including myself today.

  4. Its not available. I have tried Madrid to Boston in February (Bus class) but the points needed is much higher than 25100 as advertised on their website. I called Iberia and they had no knowledge of the promotion despite me telling them it was on their website! I spent half an hour on the phone and gave up.

    Is anyone else able to get these fares? Im looking at a one way from Mad-Bos in February, but points required is no where near the 25100 advertised.

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