Champagne, steak, cake and laying flat, does that sound like your average transatlantic flight?? The craziest part is that it’s easy and it can quite literally be FREE, all thanks to miles. Since earning them is easy, we’ll focus on the nitty gritty of which airline miles to use for the best experience, without breaking the mileage or piggy bank…

Some airlines require less miles and more cash, others more miles and much less cash. We’ll examine both…

Business Class Without Pricey Surcharges…

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JAL Mileage Bank For Emirates Flights

42,000 One Way, 65,000 Round Trip with less than $200 in taxes for flights between New York and Milan on Emirates stellar A380 Business Class.

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British Airways Avios For AirBerlin Or AerLingus Flights

50,000 One Way, 100,000 Round trip for AerLingus between Dublin and Boston. 60,000 One Way, 120,000 Round Trip between Dublin, Berlin, Dusseldorf and New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, all less than $200 in taxes.

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Delta Skymiles For Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Alitalia Or KLM Flights

70,000 One Way, 140,000 Round Trip with less than $200 in taxes for flights between New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago and London, Paris, Amsterdam, Manchester, Nice, Rome, Venice, Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona, Milan and more…

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United MileagePlus For United, Lufthansa, Brussels, Scandinavian And Swiss

57,500 One Way, 115,000 Round Trip On United with less than $200 in taxes, 70,000 One Way, 140,000 Round Trip On Lufthansa, Brussels, Scandinavian and Swiss from Germany, Switzerland, London to New York, San Francisco, Chicago + More with similar taxes.

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American AAdvantage For American Airlines Flights

57,500 One Way, 115,000 Round Trip with less than $200 in taxes On American Airlines from New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, to London, Paris, Rome, Madrid + More

Business Class With Pricey Surcharges…

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Korean Airlines For Delta, Air France, Alitalia Or KLM Flights

40,000 One Way, 80,000 Round Trip with taxes between $400-800 from New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas + More to London, Venice, Rome, Paris, Nice, Amsterdam, Frankfurt. Must call Korean to book.

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Virgin Atlantic For Virgin Atlantic Flights

95,000 Round Trip London or Manchester To New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Detroit and Chicago. 135,000 Round Trip to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami. All with surcharges around $1300 per person, less for one way from the US.

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Singapore KrisFlyer For Singapore Flights

48,875 One Way, 97,750 Round Trip with $496 in taxes round trip, less departing one way from US from New York to Frankfurt on the award winning A380. As a matter of note, Suites is just 57,375 each way, for one of the best seats in the world.

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British Airways For British Airways, American Or Open Skies Flights

50,000 One Way Off Peak, 100,000 Round Trip Off Peak, 60,000 One Way Peak, 120,000 One Way Peak With $915-1150 in taxes from London to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami. West Coast is better with American miles.

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