If you’ve ever heard that frequent flyer miles are pointless, you’re about to prove the naysayers wrong. For just 25,000 points, less than most people pay to fly economy, you’re going to enjoy flat beds across an ocean. And yes, there’s probably some champagne involved too. Iberia are back with one of the most lucrative promotions in travel – and we’ve got everything you need to know to take advantage…

25% Off

You can instantly create Iberia Avios Points by transferring British Airways, Amex or Chase points. So yeah, if you’ve got any of those – you’re in business. And as long as you can cobble together 25,000 total, it doesn’t matter how many you have of each. Through this promotion, you’re able to pay just 25,000 points for one way business class between Madrid and New York, Boston or Chicago. Either way is fine.

Flat Beds, New Planes

In August 2018, Iberia will begin flying their new top of the line Airbus A350 to New York City. The plane will feature a new and slightly upgraded version of the Iberia flat bed business class seat, making this a tempting route to take. In any case, you’ll score a flat bed, solid service and a lovely experience for the 8+ hour flight.

When To Fly

These deals are available for travel booked by March 18th. You can fly any time between October 1st and December 15th. In fact, to get the 25% discount, you must. To receive the discount, you must use Iberia’s new Avios flight search tool, which is a minor PITA. If you’re unfamiliar with the PITA acronym, a quick Google search will set you straight. Searches not using the tool will reflect the standard (albeit, still good) pricing. If you’re struggling to replicate the 25% off discount, try this link. You can also call the call center to book.

Everything Else

Taxes and surcharges will run around €100 each way. It’s hard to argue with 25,000 points and $120 or so for a business class flight. This offer is valid until March 18th, but in our experience, all the availability to use points will dwindle before that date. If this is something you’d like to take advantage of – get booking sooner than later!

HT: UltimaIIamada

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