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It’s better than domestic first class…

It’s a great feeling when you pay less for something that you know is usually a whole lot more. Whether it’s a pair of shoes or a flight around the world, winning is fun. If you want to seriously upgrade your journey to China without stumping for the $3000 and up business class experience, these premium economy deals from $870 and up are nearly impossible to beat. China has so much to offer from the Great Wall to the Terracotta Warriors, Yellow Mountains, Forbidden City and the perennial favorite, cuddles with pandas…

a large building with a red roof and a red wall with a red gate with Forbidden City in the background

The Flight Deal

Delta and American Airlines are both offering incredible flight deal prices starting at just $886 in premium economy from U.S cities to either Shanghai or Beijing – round trip. This 26 hour round trip journey isn’t exactly short, so adding plenty of extra legroom and comfort, while pocketing extra miles for less economy prices is fabulous. And if you go the Delta route, you’ll enjoy the brand new Airbus A350, with their freshest new “true” premium economy seats, called Premium Select from Los Angeles to Shanghai. American is also offering a “true” premium economy with a seat that rivals or beats the comforts of many domestic first class seats and is using both Boeing 777 and 787 planes on these routes.

a row of black chairs in an airplaneThe Dates

These deals are available from the end of August 2018 through April 2019, with wide open availability. Whether you’re looking for a post summer getaway or maybe some fun in the New Year, with this level of comfort, you’re running out of excuses. We’ve got Google Flights links below, which take you to the best prices. Perhaps read up on how to find great deals with Google Flights?

a city skyline with a body of waterHow To Book

Booking is easy! Google flights shows the full range of dates available at the best prices, allowing you to click and book in minutes. China is worth the trip, so here are are some excellent options to both cities, like: $870 San Francisco to Beijing on Air China, $886 Los Angeles to Beijing on American, $901 New York to Beijing on Air China$948 Los Angeles to Shanghai on American or Delta A350, $1005 Chicago to Beijing on American, $1013 Boston to Shanghai or Beijing on American, $1132 New York to Beijing or Shanghai on China Southern and finally, $1196 Dallas to Shanghai on American. After finding a date that works for you, you may be able to shave a few extra bucks off by using these top discount travel sites.

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