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A stopover in Hawaii to break up the trip? Don’t mind if I do…

When people think long haul, they immediately think the worst. Cramped up in a listless airport waiting for yet another long journey is just not appealing. But what if your layover wasn’t about an airport – and instead was an incredible getaway all on its own? Hawaiian Airlines is offering some stellar flight deals to Auckland, New Zealand, and if you want to make a trip you’ll never forget, take advantage of their free stopover program to get some Hawaiian sunshine en route and break up the trip!

a plane flying over a body of waterThe Flight Deals

Hawaiian offers a free stopover program, where you can break up a long haul journey in Hawaii for no additional fare. This is an awesome way to stretch your legs on the beach for as little as a few hours, or as much as a few days. This is a great way to break up the journey, and split the trip to Auckland into two manageable flights. The very lowest deals are exclusively available from San Jose, California, but other solid deals are available from Los Angeles. These deals are so good, it could easily be worth using some points or a cheap ticket to get to San Jose to take advantage.

a road next to a body of waterThe Dates

These deals are available for travel in March and April 2019, and dates are sadly pretty limited. All deals require at least one week of travel, which given the incredible destinations should not be a problem! SkyScanner seems to have the lowest prices on this particular deal, so shop around on there to build the perfect itinerary.

a group of palm treesHow To Book

If you want to build in a long stopover in Hawaii, the best thing to do is find dates where these deals work, and then call Hawaiian to add in your free stopover. If you’re just extremely excited by $615 round trip flights to New Zealand with the pretty scenery of Hawaii on the way, you can book these online at SkyScanner. New Zealand is a destination unlike any other, and surprising to many – it’s actually closer than Australia. Here’s how to do New Zealand right!

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