famous lombard street in san francisco at sunrise
Lombard Street in San Francisco at sunrise
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You’ll still get meals and drinks on board…

Looking for a spa getaway in Napa and Sonoma, some avant-garde farm to table cooking in the heart of San Francisco, or to lock yourself away forever in Alcatraz? San Francisco is a place where travelers really can just about have it all. You’ve got a bustling city, beautiful views, nearby vineyard, thriving arts and entertainment and some of the best restaurants in North America. It’s not exactly next door to Europe, but with €260 round trip flights on major airlines, it might as well be.

a street with a winding road and treesThe San Francisco Deals

Lufthansa, American, Swiss, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are tapping into the super busy European travel market, and they’ve gone with the classic tactic of low fares. Brilliant choice, if we don’t say so ourselves. The very best deals, starting at €233 are available from Barcelona, but there are hot deals available from London, Paris, Helsinki, Geneva, Stockholm and Oslo under €300. That’s a lot of handy European starting points which will save you a lot of money. Most of these deals don’t include checked bags, but going carry on only is much easier than you think. Here’s how to pack like a pro so you can enjoy these low prices.

a vineyard with trees and hills in the backgroundThe Flight Dates

Each deal will vary slightly by city, but these deals are available from November 2018 through May 2019, and perhaps even beyond. You won’t find them every single day of each month, but we’ve made easy to use Google Flights links, which take you directly to the best prices while making it easy to play around with dates.

a bridge with many sailboats in the waterHow To Book These Deals

Round trip flights to San Francisco for under €300 is exciting stuff. Here’s how to have the best time in San Francisco too. Now all you need is the flight deals! Here are the best flight deals, like: €233 from Barcelona on Iberia, €260 from Barcelona on British Airways or American, €275 from Geneva on British Airways€300 from London on Swiss or Virgin Atlantic, €304 from Paris on Swiss, €313 from Helsinki on KLM, €358 from Stockholm on Virgin and British Airways. Enjoy San Francisco!

Are you going to San Francisco?

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