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Bali is worth the trip, every time…

Bali isn’t exactly next door, but once you arrive, it’s one of the most affordable destinations on earth. And with flight deals like this one, it may actually be cheaper than venturing to the state next door. There are fantastic flight deals to Bali, which put one of the most exotic and beautiful destination on the planet closer within reach than ever!

two people walking on a beachThe Deals

Bali is the land of endless infinity pools, lush jungles, adorable monkeys, epic surf and delicious, cheap food. The people are also lovely. It’s home to some of the cheapest and best five star hotels in the world, with service that’s virtually unsurpassed anywhere else, mostly in part to the wonderfully peaceful people who live on the island. Today, there are flight deals from both coasts which make Bali travel cheaper than going to Pittsburgh during the week – no offense Pittsburgh. You can jet off from Los Angeles and New York for under $500, with quite a few more cities at just over $500.

a red flower on a pool with a mountain in the backgroundThe Dates

These awesome deals are available for travel in October and November of 2018, making it the perfect way to cure the pre winter blues. Winter is coming, but you won’t care with an amazing tan from Bali. And yes, it’s below the equator, so it’s nice and hot there in October and November. Not every single date will be available, but we’ve made links which take you directly to the best prices, so you can play around and find something awesome.

boats on a beach with boats in the waterHow To Book

These deals are at their cheapest if you book via Momondo. In fact, many of the prices won’t show up elsewhere. It may sound crazy, but Bali really is worth the trip, and when you get there, there a few things which might shock you, like: a personal driver is less than $50 a day. A great massage is less than $15 an hour in top places, meals can cost a couple bucks and dreamy villas for entire families are under $250 a night. Here are the best round trip deals to Bali, including: $464 from Los Angeles, $493 from New York, $587 from Vancouver,$588 from San Francisco and $596 from Chicago. Other cities may be available as well, but you’ll have to do your own search!

Are you jetting off to Bali?

Featured image courtesy of Rock Bar Bali.

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