People book airline tickets based on price, schedule and convenience of airport. If you’re one of those who checks to see what type of plane you’ll be on before booking, you’re a part of the minority. In fairness, for the last twenty years, it hasn’t mattered too much, but with recent technology developments in the aviation industry, there are serious reasons to seek new planes…

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First, Define Newer Planes?

There are three aircraft which truly change the way we fly. The Airbus A380, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the brand new Airbus A350. Each feature amenities you won’t find on any other aircraft, even if the aircraft was built this year…

rows of seats with monitors on the side

Better Air Pressure For Your Body + Less Jet Lag

If you’ve ever brought a bottle of water on the plane, you’ve probably seen that it’s been squeezed like a can of sardines when you open it on the ground. That’s because air pressure on planes is highly unnatural for us, leaving us with negative effects such as a runny nose, dry throat, swelling and other flu like symptoms. Newer planes, especially the 787 and A350 have been designed to pressurize at a more natural level, allowing more humidity, better temperature and most importantly, less swelling, better oxygen and less jet lag. 

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Gigantic Windows, Which Dim Without Closing!

Few things rival the views of earth from the sky. Aside from your actual destination, the views are one of the best parts of any trip. These newer aircraft feature windows up to 40% larger with self dimming glass, allowing you to control your tint, just like having sunglasses, without having to actually close a blind. It’s incredible…

clouds and sky above the earth

Higher Altitude Less Turbulence

For those of you that get a bit uneasy as your flying metal tube jumps up and down hundreds of feet at a time as the seatbelt sign flashes, you’ll be extra glad you took the effort to compare airplanes before booking. Because of their better pressure capabilities, newer aircraft can fly much higher than older aircraft, going all the way up to 40,000 feet where skies may be smoother. The only other planes that can fly that high are private jets, so you know it’s not too busy up there either! 

a room with rows of seats and monitors

More Overhead Space, Larger Storage Bins

Newer planes are built in a more vertical nature, allowing roughly three feet of more overhead space, taking away any feelings of claustrophobia, while also passing on the extra room to the overhead storage bins. Essentially, you’ll experience more room, feel better standing up and most importantly, in the ever important quest for overhead bin space, you’ll stand a better chance of a favorable result. 

BA CW Upper Bathroom a380 #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Larger Lavatories, Often With Windows!

If you’ve ever tried to change into pajamas on an old plane, you’ve probably only nearly escaped the catastrophe of putting your foot in the toilet. In general, newer planes feature larger lavatories, some with enough space to do a push up, though I wouldn’t recommend it. If you enjoy a loo with a view, you’ll be thrilled to find windows in almost every Boeing 787, A350 and A380. 

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