There are tried and tested, nearly sure fire ways to get an upgrade at hotels all around the world. There are also tried and tested ways to make yourself look like an idiot hoping for one. Assuming you’d prefer a room with a view to standing in a lobby, doing your best face palm impression- give one of these tips a try, for maximum upgrade success. Hey, even some free breakfast can be an upgrade…

Get Smart

Not into the tips above? Sometimes, it’s not where you book- but how you book. Many top hotels offer upgrades or perks for booking direct these days, while programs like American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, Visa and Mastercard Luxury Hotels and others will guarantee complimentary upgrades and other benefits, just for booking with them. Intrigued? Find out more here.

Get In Touch

Don’t you love it when friends get in touch to let you know how excited they are to see you?Emailing or calling a hotel, or better yet- the hotel’s general manager, in advance of your stay to mention your excitement, the things you’ve seen on TripAdvisor and any other useful information- like “first time” in the location starts things off on a great foot. An “anything you can do” to make our stay memorable goes a long way. If you are celebrating something- even a a negative life moment, let them know.

Get Elite

This may sound lofty for lots of travelers, but elite status is easier than ever to achieve. Almost every hotel brand offers elite status just by carrying their credit card. Other programs offer nearly top tier elite status, with room upgrades and free breakfast through special sign up offers. Hotels will always prioritize available upgrades in favor of loyalty members, and since it’s so easy to attain some kind of status, and then match it to others, this is a great jump in the upgrade line.

Get Kind

Kindness and generosity go a long way in life. Hearing people complain about early check in not being available, and the countless other guest issues-grates on a hotel reservationist. Bringing a smile, a small gift, such as chocolates, and in some locations where it feels natural (like Vegas) a $50 along, is sure to help in the eternal quest for a better room. Start with being polite, making eye contact and asking the simple courtesy of “how is your day?’. It matters, a lot.

Get Specific

Happiness in life is often about managing expectations and being direct with your wishes. While it’s certainly a bit forward, getting in touch to mention what specifically you’re hoping for can go a long way. You may occasionally pay something, but you’ll often get a lot more. Emailing a general manager or hotel to say “my partner told me all they wants is a view of Fifth Avenue” or “wouldn’t it be cool to have rose petals on the bed” can ensure satisfaction, whether it’s completely free or not.

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