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If you haven’t been glued to your video device – obsessing over the violence, sex and deceit filled blockbuster television show – Game of Thrones, you’re in stark minority (see what we did there?). Game Of Thrones has swept the planet, but not just because of it’s intensely steamy scenes, or treacherous plots – but also because of the ridiculously beautiful filming locations. Let’s take a look at a few G.O.T spots you’ll definitely want to add to the ole’ bucket list…

a glacier with snow and mountains in the background

Vatnajökull, Iceland – A.K.A “Beyond The Wall”.

Actually, winter has already come. Vatnajökull is a a jaw dropping glacial heaven, with ice caves fit for any “wildling”. It’s reachable from Reykjavik, so be sure to get your own filming done on your next Iceland trip. On that note, you can visit for a mere $350 round trip en route to the US or Europe!

a mountain with a cloudy sky

Bardenas Reales, Spain – A.K.A “The Dothraki Sea”.

If “endless” desert is your thing, do your best Dothraki soldier impression and run like a bull from nearby Pamplona to catch the stunning views and isolationist feelings of Bardenas Reales. You’ll find incredible sunsets, boutique hotels and one of the few deserts in Europe.

a view of a city from a caveDubrovnik, Croatia – A.K.A “Kings Landing” + “The Undying”.

Dubrovnik is incredible- far too nice for the likes of King Joffrey. Dubrovnik is not only the home to Kings Landing, the site of treachery, death and intrigue – but also home to the fabled House of the Undying, in real life that is. The Minčeta Tower features in countless scenes, as does this amazing destination, which just so happens to be a trending destination in 2017.

a landscape of a valley with hills and a sunsetCounty Down, Northern Ireland – A.K.A “Winterfell”.

Everyone just wishes they never left Winterfell, don’t they? Things aren’t too different in real life. Home to many of the world’s greatest golf courses, mountain peaks, sea breeze and of course, the infectiously charming people of Northern Ireland, County Down is one of the very best spots for your next trip. And yes, there really is a “Winterfell” castle- it’s called Castle Ward.

a large red city on a hillAit Benhaddou, Morocco – A.K.A “Yunkai”

Channel you’re inner Daenerys and unchain your desire to visit Morocco. Just a 3 hour day trip from Marakkech Ait Behnhaddou is centuries old and largely untouched. Much like most of Morocco, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, and since it’s 3 hours from the touristy areas, you may even get some uninhibited photos!

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