a city with lights on the water

Much like fine wine- each year, destinations around the world hit their prime. Whether the lead up to a major event, a change in currency, a new world travel trend, or just a little bit of buzz, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a world class location at it’s very best. In 2017, there are some outrageous places on everyone’s mind- so you should go now, before they hit full pop culture in 2018!

a train going through a cityMedellin, Colombia

Oh the power of television. Though the lush forests of Colombia have been absolutely gorgeous since the beginning of time- it took some bad boy drug dealers on Netflix to bring proper attention to Colombian tourism. You can do Pablo Escobar tours, experience lush rainforest and inventive cuisine- all while enjoying an incredible exchange rate. This a serious winner of a destination, and it’s safer than ever.

a city with lights on the waterQueenstown, New Zealand

With many people contemplating the end of the world, New Zealand is once again on the tip of everyone’s collective tongue. The isolated island nation is ripe with natural beauty- and finally, people are realizing that there’s more than one town. Auckland is- and will always be an incredible destination, but Queenstown is a much more romantic, intimate look at New Zealand life, with nearby Milford Sound a cannot miss.

two people walking on a beachBali, Indonesia

Bali is always a bucket list favorite- but thanks to flight deals reaching entirely new lows, it’s becoming more of a reality than ever before. Just last week there were $330 round trip flights from the US to Bali, bringing interest in travel to the island to a fever pitch. Those in the know are now venturing past Nusa Dua and Kuta, heading for more undiscovered lands, like Nusa Lembongan, the Gilli Islands and beyond. Hey, it’s not every day you get to rent a ridiculous villa in a foreign land for less than the price of a hotel.

a city with lights on the water

Dubrovnik, Croatia

While London, Paris and Rome dominate the headlines, Dubrovnik has steadily remained a traveler favorite. Boasting beautiful coastline, enchanting villages, ancient city walls and a lovely, simplistic way of life, Eastern European charm is rabid here. Visitors can expect games of fun here, especially since Croatia is one of the main filming spots for Game Of Thrones! Oh, and since we’re talking Eastern Europe- as opposed to Western Europe, the exchange rates and opportunity for great value are fantastic.

a city with red roofs and a body of waterLisbon, Portugal

Where they make wine- people will travel. Lisbon is the new “it” destination in Western Europe, with colorful buildings, seaside happiness… and of course, food to die for. Lisbon is in peak form, in part thanks to the rise of the sharing economy, where visitors can bypass expensive resorts in favor of plush villas and other accommodations, through sites like Airbnb.

a red bridge over a stream

Tokyo, Japan

Here’s a free tip- a country is never better than immediately before an Olympics. Infrastructure gets upgrades, people get excited – and watching the games later on feels just that extra bit more personal. Tokyo is one of the greatest cities on earth, offering whatever you’d like it to be. Want manic? They got it. Want zen like peace? That too. Want to just walk around blissfully enjoying one of the most polite societies, while scarfing down delicious food? You’re in luck. Pro tip- try to visit during Cherry Blossom season, and venture down to Kyoto while you’re over there…

a tower with a green and yellow aurora in the skyReykjavik, Iceland

The allure of the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as “Northern Lights” is just too much to pass up. Couple that with short flight times from both the US and Europe, and you’ve got an incredible weekend destination. In the summer – relish greenery, volcanic soils and endless sunshine. Literally, it doesn’t get dark there in certain months. In winter, explore vast glaciers, intriguing culture and of course, some slow shutter speed photography to bag your own epic photo.

a blue car parked on a street with buildings and peopleHavana, Cuba

Rum, sandy beaches and latin flavor- what a combo. Cuba has a rich, if not turbulent history, but throughout each decade it’s managed to remain a distinctive terroir. Untouched by outside sources, life on the island is an amazing glimpse into a simpler time. With US hotels and airlines aiming to turn the island into a Caribbean-Las Vegas, it’s crucial to get to the island sooner than later. Once consumer tourism gets their hands on it- it will never ever be the same.


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  1. Reykjavik fantastic. Havana definitely worth the trip but will be ruined shortly. Bali most over-rated place in Asia – was there in March. Lisbon probably the easiest and most fun place I’ve been this year.

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