You did it. You got the best bonus from (arguably) the best card out on the market and you’ve unlocked a very minimum of $1600 in free travel. Though that’s a perfectly excellent way to spend your points, we’re going to show you a few ways to make that exciting bonus so much more than a measly (laughs out loud) $1600 in free travel. Here are a few ways to completely maximize your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points…

All of these great ways to use points involve transferring your points to a Chase travel partner. Before you transfer points, confirm with the brand that there is availability for your dates. Here are a few great ways to find availability…

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Spend Them 25-30K A Pop On A Luxurious Park Hyatt Hotel Stay…

Don’t just go for any Park Hyatt here. We want the ones with the big price tag. Think Tokyo, Maldives, New York City. These properties regularly run north of $700 per night, giving your bonus a value of at least four nights at $700 a piece. That’s about $2800 in free travel, making your sleep away from home even better than being home, but who’s counting?!

Transfer Partner: Hyatt Points Per Night: 25k For Category 6, 30k For Category 7.

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Fly Around Asia In A First Class Private Suite With Points Left Over, Just 90K Round Trip!

If it’s been a while since your last map reading session, Asia is massive. For reference, a flight from Japan or Korea to Thailand takes more than six hours! You can turn that big continent into a wonderful adventure, spending just 90k miles round trip for a suite on a plane with a door you can close for travel between Korea or Japan and Southeast Asian destinations like Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam. Party on the plane!

Transfer Partner: Korean Airlines Points Required: 90,000 Off Peak.

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But Wait, We’re Talking $1600 In FREE Travel Without Even Transferring Your Points…

Sometimes it’s more fun to not worry about the hassle of finding space or transferring points. With this bonus you can pick any hotel or flight in the world and have it comped up to $1600. Despite these amazing uses, which will get us far more than $1600 retail value, it’s important to remember that points are personal and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just redeeming them for a cool $1600 for any plane ticket or hotel in the world. Ok, just had to say that, keep scrolling, we’ll continue to inspire you below…

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Take A Friend (Or Loved One) To Europe In Business Class, Just 98K One Way For Two People!

Singapore Airlines has one of the worlds biggest and best business class seats. You can even book a freaking cook to make you a special meal of your choice before settling into your bed! If you want to have a friend who will walk your dog whenever you’re away, take them to Europe with you in business class. I suppose a husband, wife or fiance would do as well. You’ll need just 98k Chase points one way for two passengers!

Transfer Partner: Singapore Airlines Points Required: 44,000 Per Person.

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Take The (Super) Long Flight To New Zealand In Style Round Trip With 20K+ Points Left Over!

New Zealand… so lovely, so far away. Who cares! For just 80,000 Chase points transferred to Virgin Atlantic you can fly Air New Zealand business class round trip from Asia to New Zealand on their swanky new Dreamliner, which  is know for reducing jet lag. With the 25K points you’ll have left over you can even book yourself into an amazing hotel like the Park Hyatt in Sydney, just a short hop away from Auckland or hit up some other beautiful “beachy” parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Transfer Partner: Virgin Atlantic for Air New Zealand Flight Points Required: 80,000.

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Fly First Class Round Trip From West Coast USA To Japan And Eat Delicious Sushi The Whole Way!

ANA is an incredible airline, world renowned for their service, style and of course, sushi. Their pilots are even known to carry lightsabers. Thanks to your amazing Chase Sapphire Reserve bonus you can hop into your gigantic bed for the 14 or so hours to Japan dreaming of sushi, just like Jiro in his documentary on Netflix. To make it happen you’ll again transfer your points to Virgin Atlantic and they’ll help you get a seat on ANA.

Transfer Partner: Virgin Atlantic For ANA Flight Points Required: 110,000.

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