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It can all be worth it. Though the points game is often largely overwhelming, it really can lead to unforgettable travel experiences. Citi Thank You points have become more and more valuable over the years, thanks to increased airline and hotel transfer partners, and with all those options, there are a few extremely luxurious opportunities to maximize your points. Of course, if you have Amex or Chase points, we have a few ideas for those as well…

an airplane cubicle with a television120,000 Points: ANA First Class US Or Europe To Japan Round Trip…

How: 120,000 points wouldn’t even get you business class with most airlines, but transferring your points to Virgin Atlantic unlocks an amazing opportunity with their partner ANA. Virgin Atlantic charges just 120,000 points round trip on their partner ANA in First Class. You can start in Europe, the US or Japan. All the details to make it happen can be found here.

Why: ANA serves some of the best food and champagne in the sky, with ultra comfy seats.

Surcharges? Yep, just about $120.

a bed with a guitar and rose petals on it152,000 Points: Singapore Suites New York to Frankfurt or Vice Versa Round Trip…

How: Easy. Just transfer your points to Singapore Airlines when you find space in Suites class on dates you’d like. You can book online with ease, making this one of the most sought after experiences. Middle seats can be made into a double bed for two, just saying. You can also fly Singapore Suites using Amex or Chase Points.

Why: It’s not a seat- it’s a suite. You can book the cook for a special meal, and sip Dom Perignon.

Surcharges? Yep, about $300 round trip.

a seat in an airplane220,000 Points: Cathay Pacific First Class Between US And Asia In Either Direction Round Trip…

How: Asia miles is the loyalty program associated with Cathay Pacific. By transferring your Citi points into Asia Miles, you can take advantage of their distance based chart, which has a few great sweet spots. 220,000 points is a lot, but Cathay Pacific is fantastic. Simply find availability using Asia Miles and then transfer your points over.

Why: Cathay Pacific has some of the best airport lounges-and arguably the comfiest bed in the sky.

Surcharges? Yep, but low, about $140 round trip.

an airplane with seats and a seat belt75,000 Points: Air China First Class London To Beijing Or Vice Versa Round Trip…

How: This is a ridiculously low rate for a round trip first class flight, and again, it’s thanks to Virgin Atlantic. By transferring your points to Virgin Atlantic you can unlock the best rates in the business on their partner Air China. For this kinda deal, it’s worth traveling to London- if you’re not presently there.

Why: 24 hours round trip in a massive bed, with good service and Chinese delicacies- sold.

Surcharges? Yep, about $700 round trip.

a bed in an airplane117,560 Points: Etihad First Class Apartment New York to Abu Dhabi or Vice Versa One Way…

How: Straight forward! Just find “guest seat” space with Etihad-using their website, and then transfer the points over from Citi to Etihad Guest. The rates are fairly high, but the seat, and the levels of service and sophistication are off the charts. There’s a chef, and you have a separate bed and seat, with a door!

Why? Many would argue it’s the best first class seat in the world, and we wouldn’t argue. Apartment!

Surcharges? Yep, low, around $100.



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