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When you want the absolute best in the skies, like… caviar, vintage champagne and a bed nearly as wide and comfortable as what you sleep in at home, there’s only one cabin. First Class is pleasure to the max, taking everything you crave about business class and taking it to levels of “extra” that are simply hard to quantify.

Right now, Swiss has launched one of the most aggressive first class sales we’ve ever seen, which bring the price tag as low as £1590 for more than 20 hours in the sky. The only catch: you need to book for two (or more).

a bed with a white sheet and a tvThe First Class Sale

Today is the very last day for Swiss’s amazing sales from London and Venice, which offer fantastic deals as well ,but it’s also the launch of even better offers. The airline has launched staggering prices from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and more with first class deals to cities like Bangkok, Nairobi and Beijing all for £1590 per person, provided you’re booking for two.

In case it hadn’t already dawned on you, this means it may very well be worth using points or a cheap flight to get your butt to Sweden, even if you don’t live there since the prices will still likely save you thousands versus flying from your home city. Unless of course, you live in London and can book today before the sale ends.

The highlight offers in this Swiss Stockholm sale include…

  • £1467 Dubai per person, 35,999 SEK total. (Airbus A330)
  • £1590  Bangkok per person, 39,000 SEK total. (Boeing 777)
  • £1590 Beijing per person, 39,000 SEK total. (Airbus A340/A330)
  • £1590 Shanghai per person, 39,000 SEK total. (Airbus A340)
  • £1590 Nairobi per person, 39,000 SEK total. (Airbus A330)
  • £1590 Mumbai per person, 39,000 SEK total. (Airbus A330)
  • £1950 Sao Paulo per person, 47,999 SEK total. (Boeing 777)

Oslo and Copenhagen feature similar prices, which are just slightly higher due to currency fluctuations. We highlight those sales below.

a pool with chairs and a city skylineDates You Can Travel

Each deal has completely different availability, but for once an airline made it easy to find. You can use the official offer page to click any deal, and then scan each calendar month for “gold” dates, where the first class offers for two are available. Other than scarce availability for some of the hottest deals, it really couldn’t be easier to find!

a table with food on itHow To Book Swiss First Class

Remember, you need to search for two passengers to unlock these deals. At these prices, you kinda had to expect there was going to be some kind of catch, but that’s literally the only one. Simply head here to the Swiss first deal page from Stockholm, and also from Copenhagen or Oslo. You can also book these flights on Skyscanner.

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  1. the prices in SEK are for two people I think. 36000 SEK is around 3600 €, which is not 1590£

    1. The prices are all in for two. Aka the 29999 SEK is the total price anyone clicking over will see for two passengers, and the £1590 is the price per person they may know from home. Because of the way Swiss displays the fares, it’s easier to describe it this way, since very few people would be accustomed to SEK.

  2. It seems like you can do open-jaw and combine carriers (LH / LX) similar to previous deals if you wanted to experience the F experience for both airlines and the FCT at both FRA and ZRH (at least according to ITA Matrix and BookWithMatrix).

    Amazing deal – we’re flying our LH/LX companion fare to China in late June and I’m incredibly excited. I’m tempted to book another one of these from ARN given that I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden anyways.

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