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Swiss First Class is exquisite!
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First Class? Take me now…

No traveler can call it quits before visiting India, and when they do visit, they quickly realize one visit is hardly enough. From North to South, flavors vary as much as the sights, from the breath taking mountains of Punjab to the exotic beach resorts of sunny Goa. One thing about India is for certain: unless you’re perched high in the Himalayas’ or on a secluded private beach, it’s manic. Swiss Air and Lufthansa have released some of outstanding flight deals, to ensure your journey from London, Edinburgh, Birmingham or Manchester to India is anything but, with the privacy and refinement of a true first class experience. Nope, not business, class, we’re talking about the very best…

The First Class Deals

2 for 1 offers are all the rage with airlines these days. Selling one first class seat at £1500 is too generous, but if you’re willing to buy 2 for £2999, they’ll make a deal. In the latest installment of 2 for 1 offers, Swiss and Lufthansa are offering first class to Delhi or Mumbai for £2999 all in for two. With 8 hours in the air each way, that’s 16+ hours of first class enjoyment, with a layover experience in Zurich or Frankfurt you’ll never want to end! If your pocket stretches a bit further, Shanghai is available at £3499 for two, and Sao Paulo, Beijing and Hong Kong are available at £3999 all in for two. You can combine first one way and business the other to make these deals even sweeter!

a pool with a building and a mountain in the backgroundThe Dates

These first class deals, especially to Mumbai and Delhi are wide open for travel from October 2018 thru July 2019. If India is in the plans, it’s going to be hard to beat these, especially with such wide availability. Dates will be tough to come by during peak winter holiday times, but there are dates available as late as December 14th and as early as December 27th! Judging by the last time these 2 for 1 offers were out, they don’t last long.

a close-up of a candyHow To Book

Swiss and Lufthansa have dedicated deal pages for each airport, taking you directly to these smashing offers. At £1500 per person, you’d be hard pressed to do much better in business class, let alone the utter spoils of first class. How often do you get private outdoor terraces in transit, real nap rooms, or fine dining on an airplane? Simply check out these £2999 all in Swiss deals from: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester, or the Lufthansa deals here. Last time these offers were out, they didn’t last long, so firm up your dates and get to it. The caviar is waiting…

Are you jetting off on Swiss First Class?

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