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Swiss First Class is exquisite!
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With Black Friday approaching and the holidays near, the question is: what will make you happy at the end of 2019? They say money can’t buy happiness, but embarking on an epic journey with a friend, lover or family member to the far reaches of Asia in first class, sipping fine champagne and eating caviar the whole way certainly sounds “happy”.

Swiss and Lufthansa have just released a fresh set of companion offers where you can fly first class for what would usually be a great price for business class, if you can book for two tickets at once. Oh, and the business fares are even lower!

Lufthansa First Class Wine And ChampagneThe First Class Sale

Swiss and Lufthansa share a few things in common as airline partners, but one in particular: superb first class experiences. Both airlines are out with super low fares, at least as far as first class luxury goes, to cities all over Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, with prices as low as £1580 round trip per person.

Dubai is even lower at £1420 per person. Shanghai and Beijing offer the lowest prices to Asia, and fortunately, both are just an hour, or few hours away from cities like Tokyo and more.

Again, that’s a good price for business, so flying first class and enjoying the first class terminal in Frankfurt, or new First Class lounge in Zurich, with private car tarmac transfers and other perks that come along with it is pretty cool. Don’t forget that the Swiss A340’s have been updated to feature the same First class Suite found on the new Boeing 777 aircraft!

If you want to fly business, fares are under £1,000 per person in some instances, with Hong Kong available for £1050 per person.

The Dates You Can Travel

These deals are pretty wide open, depending on the city you’re aiming for. You must complete your travel by September 30th, 2020, but other than that the rules are sparse. The Dubai deals operate under slightly different dates, with sparse availability (Mon, Tues departures) in March and April, and then wide open until September.

A Saturday night stay is the only requirement to bring the lowest fares, so you could leave on a Wednesday and come back on a Sunday, or anything relatively short like that. It’s Asia, so the more time the merrier, but for anyone looking for a short work trip, these are extra good!

How To Book First Class

These deals are easy to find directly with Swiss, Lufthansa and on Google Flights, in addition to slightly lower fares on Skyscanner. By far, the two easiest cities to book are Shanghai and Beijing, and since Shanghai features the Swiss A340 with the newest first class suites, that’s tough to argue with for a nice long flight. Here are the best deals to each city, which you can click, swap dates and find something that works for you.

Just remember, you’ll need to search for two passengers to bring up the lowest prices. If first class is feeling a bit indulgent, there are even lower fares in business class, with more cities on offer too. Just saying…

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  1. Thanks! On the back of this offer I ended up finding business class flights from ARN-ZRH-SIN with the ZRH-SIN sectors on Singapore Airlines for 1150 gbp. And this during the summer holidays.

  2. If I need 3 tickets, does that mean the 3rd (child) will need to pay regular fare? Or better to get 4 tickets?

    1. I could be wrong, but quite often as long as it’s 2+ it tends to work the same price. If it’s an infant (under 2) just call the airline after booking two tickets. If it’s not, try with just three, or probably cheaper to just buy the 4 since price works out cheaper than just one!

  3. AMS-BKK looks really good at 2100 euros rtn in business class for two. Found Business class from Ams and First Class from Bangkok price is just under 3000 euros for two.

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