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There’s something magical about connecting people through flight. But as airline trends venture a la carte – family travel doesn’t have the allure it once garnered. It can be a true struggle. Soon however, the envy of the airport may no longer be first and business class passengers – but all kids traveling on Finnair.

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Finnair is partnering with ‘Moomins’, the celebrated Swedish/Finnish series of children’s books and television programs to create a refined passenger experience for kids. The “family concept” aims to make travel fun for kids, while alleviating tension for parents.

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Children flying Finnair out of Helsinki will be able to utilize a special “kids only” Moomins branded check in desk, where they’ll receive a Moomin – themed magic ticket and luggage tag. The airline plans to expand the service to further destinations throughout the year. But that’s not all.

At select airports, there will be a children’s security control too. And things don’t end on board. Children will receive an on board gift, as will parents traveling with infants. Lucky children, traveling in business class will receive a special ‘Moomins’ branded amenity kit – to compliment the full “family concept”.

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This brilliant new concept launches gradually in the first half of 2018. The Helsinki children’s airport experience should be in full swing in January, February with further airports and offerings being added through June.

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This is a wonderful thought from Finnair. Alleviating the tension of family travel while making young fans is a powerful play – and frankly, one we’re shocked has not been done. If you’re traveling with kids, Finnair’s family concept may be just the ticket.

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