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It’s always California time…

Any frequent traveler will tell you: few jet lag experiences rival the time difference between Western Europe and West Coast USA. To say it throws you for a loop is an understatement. When it comes to minimizing the days where you drool into your appetizer every little bit helps, and the exceptionally good business class seats on the jet lag reducing Finnair A350 goes a long way. In fact, you might actually enjoy the journey. To celebrate the launch of this exciting new route for Finnair with their newest and best plane, there are some hot business class fare deals afoot…

Update: these deals have now expired.

a seat in an airplaneThe Finnair A350 Business Class Deals

The Finnair Airbus A350 business class experience is fantastic. Peep it here. Just take it easy on the boozy blueberry juice or cloudberry cocktails, they’ll get you. On March 31st, 2019 the airline is launching direct flights between Helsinki and Los Angeles and if you have summer or autumn travel plans you can get in on an excellent business class fare deals from £1250 ($1600) available from Gothenburg or Stockholm. Tallinn, Estonia is also available for just a bit more.

a glass of liquid next to a glass of liquidThe Dates You Can Fly To Los Angeles

These Los Angeles flight deals are available in almost all of July, all of August and the first week of September, with one more flutter from November 23rd to 30th. A Saturday night stay in Los Angeles is the only major requirement to lock in the lowest prices.

a seat with a green pillow and a green pillow on the sideHow To Book Finnair Business Class To LA

LA is a blast, whether you’re going with friends, family or solo-dolo. Here’s 10 things to know about LA before you go. The best deals are easiest to find on Google Flights, using this handy link which searches from Stockholm, Tallinn and Gothenburg. Depending where you are, it can totally be worth using points or a cheap flight deal to reach one of those cities to kick off your trip, especially at these prices. Dates are going fast and some dates display incorrect prices so just play around until you find something that works!

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    1. Hey Justin,

      My suggestion, which only works if you plan to make multiple trips, would be to “nest” this deal.

      Essentially, fly to Europe using a cheap fare or points and then use this deal to get back to LA and then back to Europe again at a later date.

      Hope that helps.

  1. Unfortunately you’re rarely going to see bargains like this going “the other way”. They are very much driven by the fact that each country in Europe is a smallish market (compared to the USA) where several big carriers and/or alliances are either trying to establish dominance on certain routes or (in the case of the summer) dump business class fares.

    Bloody market forces

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