Finland has been voted the world’s happiest country, and the country’s tourism board is lifting the lid on the secret. Spoiler alert: it’s nature.

The country believes that having a meaningful connection between people and the serenity of boundless nature is one of the greatest keys to happiness, and to show off why Finland do it best, the country is offering free trips to see for yourself. No joke, you may really be able to win a free trip to Finland to hang with locals in gorgeous nature via the “Rent A Finn” competition.

a snowy landscape with trees and blue skyRent A Finn

Finland is an amazing place to visit. For starters there’s almost as many saunas as there are people, but it’s the unique balance between city life, buzzing adventure and nature which makes it special. Think pristine forest, Baltic coast bliss and exciting city life, with nature wrapped through every bit.

In an effort to promote the wellness and happiness Finland can bring, the country has teamed up with 8 generous locals, each of whom will open their homes for a long weekend this summer. Finland is taking care of your flights, and the locals are pretty much taking care of everything else.

a city with a church and buildingsWhen And Where

Visits with these 8 highly curated locals will take place throughout June, July and August. You may learn the true art of sauna in Helsinki, berry picking on the coast or fishing in Lapland. Perhaps, a little bit of all. The idea is to promote authentic experiences in the culture where people are happiest, according to scientific study.

Visit Finland is covering flights from all over the world and the experience includes three nights with your local guide. Basically, it’s all free. To apply, you need to make a video. The video should include a bit about you, your connection to nature, or desire to connect with nature and why visiting Finland would be a dream. Needless to say, authenticity and creativity will make a big difference.

To apply, just hit up the dedicated “Rent A Finn” website, which gives information on each host and what you can expect. Follow the steps, submit your entry and hope that Visit Finland contacts you sometime after applications close on April 14th, 2019. Best of luck.

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