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Finding a decent workout whilst on the road can be very tricky. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s a good chance your sleep is off, you don’t speak the language and you certainly don’t know the area – let alone a good trainer or gym. So, when you’re missing your regular fitness routine, whatever it may be, here are a few tech based tips to find something fun and motivating whilst your away. We all know the soreness of that first workout back after a break, so use these tips to avoid it forever.

a screenshot of a phoneApps

There’s usually an app for everything these days. And if you’re in certain countries, there are some good apps for finding a class, trainer or gym near you. Handstand is an app that will bring a trainer to you. Whether you fancy yoga, boxing, hiit – they have someone for everything. This is an excellent way to stay fit on the road, with limited hassle. PayAsUGym will find a gym near you in the UK that will allow day passes, making it easy to get a workout in without any commitment. Equally, Gympass does the same but works in 424 cities worldwide, assuming your hotel or Airbnb doesn’t have adequate facilities.

a pair of shoes and a t-shirtConcierge

Westin, the Starwood Hotels brand has launched fitness and run concierge’s in cities around the world to keep travelers fit without hassle. Hilton now offers “5 feet to fitness” rooms in select hotels, which come complete with advanced exercise equipment and workout videos. Oasis the luxury answer to Airbnb offers complimentary access to Barry’s Bootcamp, Zeal, Exhale and other leading gym classes. IHG offers EVEN hotels, which are specifically designed with workouts and wellness in mind. Elsewhere, many hotel concierge’s keep a list of great personal trainers or local bootcamps on file, which they can help book for you. Worried about all the space your gear takes up? Westin and other top hotel brands now lend out all the gear you need – including running shoes, shirts and other gear, thanks to a partnership with New Balance. More info here.

a cell phone with a screenGoogle

This may sound obvious, but if you’re looking for an exciting class to try in your new temporary location, then use Google. Many places offer free trial classes, so with a little research, you’ll absolutely find something new to try and possibly, for free. Try anything once, right? Just type in ‘yoga classes near me’, or replace yoga with whatever type of class you’re looking for to see geo targeted results. Especially in a major city, you’ll be amazed at what you can find without breaking a sweat.

a woman stretching in a gymWorkout

The world is your gym. Whether you’re in a small hotel room, have a park nearby or want to run around the city. Make use of what you have. Always pack your trainers and workout gear. Maybe even a jump rope? There are so many amazing bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere that need no equipment whatsoever, so if you need some inspiration check out one of these sources: power yoga flow, 20 min workout, quick circuit. There are so many online videos out there, you just have to find one that suits you.

a group of people running near a lakeTourist

If none of this is taking your fancy. Then just be a tourist. Walk, run, hike or bike to see the world while burning those excess travel calories. After all, those hotel breakfasts certainly won’t burn themselves! There’s no better way to experience a great city than on foot or by bike, allowing you to see things you’d undoubtedly miss in the blur of a taxi. But with all these apps, concierge offerings and new hotel fitness partnerships – there’s no excuse to miss out.

How do you find workouts when you travel?

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