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Constant time on the road can make it hard to stick to any kind of fitness regime. Hotel gyms often lack inspiration or suitable facilities, and fatigue from all that travel can quickly crush any workout motivation. But any fitness fan will tell you – you always feel better after a work out. Well, maybe not literally – but figuratively for sure. Just a quick 10-15 minute sweat can be all you need to kick jet lag to the curb and stop your peak fitness levels from completely fading away. These brilliant fitness accessories fit easily into even the smallest of carry ons, making excuses even harder to come by…


a cartoon of a woman doing exerciseSuspension Straps

Body weight exercises are some of the most effective ways to train. These suspension straps can be attached to a door, tree, pole or really just about anything sturdy you can find. There are truly infinite exercises you can do to work the whole body. As you can probably see, they’re very easy to pack and well worth the purchase (even if you don’t travel). The official TRX version is great but pricey or you can also find cheaper versions which are equally good.

Skipping Rope

A skipping rope work out should not be underestimated. Find some space, just ten minutes of your day and you’ll definitely be sweating. Mix in some high knees, single leg hops, side-to-side and some doubles to finish for a real burner. If that’s not enough, find a rope with weighted handles. Simple, effective and cheap.

a woman jumping rope in the sunResistance Bands

These are so easy to carry with you and there are endless amounts of exercises you can do, even in the smallest of hotel rooms. Resistance bands are perfect for working both arms and legs and feeling some muscle burn before wherever the day may take you. These two, with handles and without handles would make excellent additions to your travel fitness workout collection.

Running Shoes

There’s nowhere you should be going without taking some running or training shoes. Even if working out in the hotel gym or your room is not your thing, going for a run or just walking around your destination can be an excellent way not only to keep up your travel fitness but explore a great destination. Taking shoes that give you the correct support and comfort is a real game changer, and with shoes more lightweight and compact than ever, you can easily make room in your carry on.

Gliding Discs

These are so easy and compact to pack, you may even forget that you did. They can be used on multiple surfaces and are excellent to help improve core strength, stability and mobility. It’s a fun way to mix it up from boring crunches and lunges and switch on some new muscles. Here’s a great example video of how to burn to the max in virtually any space.

a group of cell phones with a screenshot of a group of womenApps

There are some amazing apps you can download to help keep your travel fitness workouts both original and focused. By following an instructor on your screen you can feel as if your private hotel room is an immersive fitness studio, with expert guidance. Depending on your fitness preferences, here are few suggestions worth looking into: Sworkit, Nike+ Training Club App, Workout Trainer or Freeletics. Youtube never fails either…

What’s your favorite workout tool on the road?

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