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Virgin Atlantic’s new A350 Upper Class is one of the most impressive cabins flying between New York and London. The other top options? British Airways new Club Suites, or United’s real Polaris seating.

Right now, they’re all on sale, so it’s up to you to pick which bargain flight deal will bring you to New York in a flat bed next year.

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The Flight Deals

You’re not wrong, New York, and the United States at large is currently closed to most, but not all visitors from the UK and Europe. Business exemptions are granted daily, and there’s strong hope that the borders will reopen by mid January, at the latest. In fact, there’s just one last obstacle blocking travel between the two.

But fortunately, these flight deals kick off at the end of January, and run through the end of the schedule next year, which currently taps out around August. Yes, you can book London to NYC in business class with direct flights from £1135-£1195 round trip, depending on the dates. American and Delta are also up for grabs.

a bed in an airplane

The Dates You Can Travel

As noted, these deals kick off around the end of January for mid week departures on a Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s not to say you can’t leave on other days of the week, but that’s when the lowest fares are most often found.

To lock in the lowest fares, a Sunday stay is required, so you’ll need to stay at least Wednesday to Monday, but could depart Monday. There may be cases where shorter stays are possible, but longer stays are definitely fine!

How To Book These Flights

Who to book with? That’s up to you. Virgin has managed to bring back meal service, champagne and all the things which make the experience actually worthwhile, but we’d expect the other airlines to have followed suit by the time you can actually travel on these fares. These are three of the best ways to get to NYC, and you can’t go wrong wither any.

You can find these fares directly with Virgin Atlantic, United or British Airways, and can also browse options on Google Flights.

Here’s a review of British Airways 777 Club Suite, Virgin A350 Upper Class, and United Fauxlaris. There’s no telling how long these flight deals will lasts, so whether you take advantage is up to you.

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  1. Two of those carriers will supply you with a hot meal with some choice irrespective of which business class seat you’re in and reliable, reasonably priced Wifi

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