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Points can be great, but “bird in hand” opportunities to save real cash right from the start are wonderful for maximizing travel purchases right now.

Fairmont Hotels has an attractive offer which brings exactly that – an opportunity to acquire something for less than it’s worth, and use it at full value for serious savings. The only catch? The limited time gift card sale doesn’t last long. At all.

Fairmont 20% Gift Card Bonus

Fairmont will offer a 20% bonus on gift card purchases in Euros, US Dollars or Canadian Dollars, for 3 hours on May 5th, 2021, from 2PM EST to 5PM. This means a purchase of a $1000 gift card would trigger a $1000 gift card and a $200 bonus gift card as well.

If travel plans for the year remain fluid, this is a great way to take advantage of flexible rates, and pay at the hotel to cash in your e-gift cards or physical gift cards. Both are on offer. Gift cards can also be used at hotel restaurants, and for non stay activities.

Fairmont is part of Accor, and stays booked with the gift card should be eligible for points earning and elite benefits within the Accor ALL loyalty program.

Each gift card can carry a maximum value of $2000, but multiple gift cards can be purchased, up to a total of $5000, resulting in a $1000 bonus. If you know you’ll spend a certain amount at Fairmont in the next couple years, this is a great way to lock in savings.

The link to purchase Gift Cards can be found here. And T&C’s here.

a hammock from a deck over a pool

Should You Buy A Fairmont Gift Card?

Travel is personal, but savings is savings. If you know you’ll spend X at a Fairmont, and you can get X + Y just for being savvy, it’s hard to argue with.

I have a stay planned at a Fairmont which tops out my nightly rate budget, so being able to slightly reduce the actual cost, thanks to a gift card bonus is meaningful. If I get a $2400 bill for the stay, but got a$400 as a bonus when buying the gift cards, my cost is $2000, which is considerably better than $2400.

If you don’t stay at Fairmont Hotels, won’t stay at a Fairmont and hate Fairmont – it’s probably not for you, so save the world the ranting lecture in the comments section and just jog on.

The Fairmont Gift Card sale, which only comes around 1-3 times a year, will launch at 2PM EST on May 5th and last for 3 hours. If it’s for you, don’t miss out.

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