a pool with a bed and a sunset
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Santorini Sky is heaven.

Yes, of course, the sky anywhere in Santorini and greater Greece is often heaven, but perched up at the highest luxury boutique hotel on this epic island, atop Prophet Elias mountain, it’s hard not to wonder to yourself if you’ve actually gone to heaven.

You are above the clouds from time to time, and always with with dramatic views.

This property is one of GSTP’s favorite hotels in the entire world and has become an annual trip, thanks to its inimitable comfort, luxury, charm and seclusion away from the overly touristy spots in Oia. Plus, Greece is wonderful, right?

It’s been wonderful in recent years to find that every time I’ve staying at the hotel, a GSTP reader (or two) had followed the recommendation and was staying there also.

I’d usually find this out after posting a gorgeous pic from my room, to have someone message and say “we’re here too”! — a great joy, but also a tribute to how private the hotel is. If I didn’t post, no one would know.

Anyway, today is a chance for that to happen even more often, with a 15% discount for the entire year and a bottle of my favorite wine on the island too. With just eight rooms and year round demand, the only trick will be finding dates!

a pool with a bed and a sunset

The GSTP x Santorini Sky Exclusive Offer

Santorini Sky has been incredibly kind to offer our readers a 15% off discount and free bottle of actually good wine on arrival. This is not hotel plonk!

To use the discount, you’ll need to book by the end of the month (March 31st) for any travel until the end of the year. The discount code GSTP will unlock 15% off any room category on any dates. That’s it — it’s that simple.

What’s So Good About It?

You can read a review here and save me the trouble of writing more words, or just check out their website, but I’ve written some words anyway.

Santorini gets a rap for being touristy and there are areas where that’s true. But at Santorini Sky, there are no influencers ruining your private jacuzzi time by climbing on your walls. It’s nestled into a dreamy part of the island with endless ocean views.

a pool and a deck with chairs

The team brings incredible service with modern touches, like being able to order food from the best restaurants on the island via WhatsApp and it’s just a great place to be. Rooms are chic and modern, amenities are first rate and bath products are all local.

The proprietors are also, in my opinion, some of the smartest minds in travel, with an extensive history in the hotel industry, spanning major chains and boutiques.

It’s easy to grab a ride to any of the amazing beaches on the island, or head over to Imerovigli for great walking trails, or any of the vineyards on the island, all of which are under 25 minutes away.

I don’t come back to many destinations on a yearly basis, but this is one of them.

Using The GSTP Discount

We’re thrilled to be able to provide readers with this exclusive discount, thanks to Santorini Sky. As noted, they don’t really do this kinda thing, but the mutual love affair allows us to break some rules.

The Junior Villas, Panoramic Villas and Master Villas are all incredible, and the new “Lodge” concept is its own special standalone retreat all by itself. Basically, it’s all really cool and you’ll love it.

We get nothing out of this other than pride in sharing a wonderful place and making some new travel memories. Book by March 31st, 2022 for any dates in 2022 that aren’t already sold out. If history repeats itself, they won’t last long.

Head over to Santorini Sky to book now. And yes, just enter promo code GSTP.

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