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There is leisure travel and there is business travel. In the business world the difference in a couple hours can mean everything. On the way out to a personal trip or vacation a few hours probably aren’t going to change your life. 

I am sure you have been to the airport and heard “We are looking for volunteers on flight XYZ who are willing to take a later flight”. Sometimes this means a couple of hours, sometimes it means tomorrow. If your schedule allows, DO IT!!!!

Why? By volunteering to take a later flight you are entitled to compensation from the airline in the form of:

A) A voucher for future travel on that airline. I find that they offer a minimum of $250 for domestic flights and often over $700 on on international travel. I’ve seen $1500 before!

and or

B) An upgrade on your later flight to first class.

and or

C) A hotel for the night if required to overnight.

If the deal and the timing is right do it. The only time I find that this may not be advisable is if you are in extreme weather conditions and your flight might be one of the last allowed to leave. Don’t turn it into a Home Alone situation and get stuck for days at the airport with Joe Pesci trying to rob your house. Flights these days are very full and often oversold creating the need to accommodate passengers by bumping others. 

a close up of a check

In my opinion if your schedule allows, this is too good of a value to pass up. I have seen it called a “bumpertunity”. If I am going to say…Los Angeles on a 3pm flight and am offered $500 and an upgrade to take a 9pm flight I am probably making more than I paid for the ticket and getting a better seat. Just for being flexible….

Like all advice on this blog it is all down to travel. If you are flying on your once annual flight it won’t do too much for you though it could pay for next years. If you en route to a vacation and have somewhere else in mind or would like to visit family but can’t afford it this just may be your ticket…..or tickets. 

Take the bump! 

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