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Flying in the comforts of flat bed business class is always fun, but it’s even more enjoyable when you get a taste of culture from your comfy seat.

Finnair is one of the best airlines in the world in this regard, offering unique regional menus and drinks, including my all time favorite, a spiked blueberry juice, to go along with Marimekko touches and other delights. Swiss isn’t far behind, nor is KLM. All are offering great deals to Dubai right now

If you’re thinking about Dubai, and would love to earn some more points while scoring a lot of comfort to get there, Finnair has incredible deals from lovely Helsinki featuring, direct flights for £623 (€728) round trip. Swiss and KLM also have great deals from other cities like London and Madrid from around £900 (€1000) and up.

Even if you don’t live in one of these cities, using points or a cheap flight to make your way to Helsinki, London, Madrid or another flight deal city could make these a fantastic bargain!

Flight Deals To Dubai

This is just about the time of year Dubai comes into its prime, as the best sun sets across Europe, and a warm, sun soaked getaway replete with indulgence takes prime position in daily daydreaming. Finnair has direct flights from Helsinki now, and is using the A350 to fly the route.

To celebrate, there are some stunning deals, but there are also deals from other cities, including a few highlights, like…

  • £623 (circa €728) Helsinki to Dubai on Finnair Round Trip
  • £700 (circa €800) Stockholm to Dubai on Finnair Round Trip
  • £950 (circa €1100) Brussels or Oslo to Dubai on Qatar Airways Round Trip
  • £1100 (circa €1200) London to Dubai Round Trip on Swiss

If you’re fully vaccinated, transiting around Europe is once again relatively easy, with very few countries requiring any quarantine for people with proof of full vaccination. That makes accessing deals less scary of a thought than it was just months ago.

When These Deals Are Available

Most of these deals kick off in October and go all through the “winter” season, when temperatures in Dubai are at a lovely 78°F, 26°C during the day.

In short, you can travel on most of these bargains between now and well into 2022, with best availability in November, December, January, February and March. Each deal will offer varying “minimum stay” requirements, which is easy to figure out with Google Flights.

How To Book These Flights

We wouldn’t just leave you hanging to go start searching from scratch. To make these deals easy to find, we’ve made easy to use Google Flights links which take you directly to the lowest priced examples.

Just click the following links and change dates to find something that works for you. There’s a lot to choose from!

  • £623 (circa €728) Helsinki to Dubai on Finnair Round Trip
  • £700 (circa €800) Stockholm to Dubai on Finnair Round Trip
  • £950 (circa €1100) Brussels or Oslo to Dubai on Qatar Airways Round Trip
  • £1100 (circa €1200) London to Dubai Round Trip on Swiss
  • Happy travels! Here’s reviews of the Qatar Airways QSuite, the Finnair A350 and the Swiss 777, in case you want some inspiration!

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