We all have nostalgia for different reasons. There is something about finality that manages to jerk my tears from time to time. Perhaps it’s also a vivid memories of being on the west side of Manhattan when reports surfaced that a US Airways plane had just landed in the river. US Airways has been a major United States airline since 1939 transporting flyers from all over America to just about every place on earth and today on a flight appropriately numbered 1939, the airline will shut it’s doors forever. One of my favorite air traffic control callsigns “Cactus” , which is US Airways designated sign will never be uttered again.

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As a younger guy I played tennis seriously and US Airways was responsible for many a flight to many a loss (sadly). They’ve always carried their brand of the quintessential US airline, aptly named US Airways and the idea that you’ll never see a US Airways tail in the sky or hear their fantastic air traffic control sign “Cactus”uttered ever again makes me sad. Airlines for better or worse provide the means to many of the happiest moments and memories of our lives and it’s significant when a major shuts it’s doors. If you’re missing the point or not feeling a shared nostalgia perhaps this video will set my frame of mind.

US Airways is now an even more patriotic airline, American Airlines as it takes on their brand entirely. Today marks the day when all the US Airways systems officially become American systems and the airline loses it’s identity entirely. I was fascinated to learn that the merger has been a two year process requiring incredible hurdles such as merging frequent flyer programs, re painting planes, re configuring seats, working out union agreements for pilots, crew and ground staff not to mention figuring out whose food they’ll serve going forward. Anyway, tonight at 9:55 PM, the sold out redeye from San Francisco to Philadelphia will mark Us AIrways last. Do you have any memories with the airline? 

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