To the holy grail of frequent flying we go, where travelers who have already bagged elite status with one airline or hotel can get complimentary status with another. Emirates are offering yet another rare opportunity to gain some free perks, here’s how you can get yours…

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The Match

Emirates are offering elite flyers across all alliances the ability to grab status, without losing whatever current status they hold. Sadly, this match seems stingier than the previous match briefly offered, bumping many flyers only up to Emirates Silver while offering a fast track to Gold or Platinum. That doesn’t mean you can’t get matched to Gold or Platinum, you’ll just need to be convincing. The more convincing your case for a match, including top tier status with a competitor, increased (true or not) travel to the Emirates, Australia and other competitive markets the better. No matter what it’s free benefits which make travel better…

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How To Request Your Match

To request your match you’ll need an Emirates frequent flyer account open, which you can do here, as well as a copy of your current elite status card with whichever airline you currently hold the highest status. Once you have those things in place, you’ll contact Emirates through their web portal HERE. In your message you’ll request a match, detail your current elite status, why the match would help you, why you’re valuable and any extra details about high levels of travel spending you can offer. For those that already have any Emirates status, it appears that submitting a match will almost automatically bump you to the next highest tier, which is handy.

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What You Can Expect

You can expect your match to take anywhere from 13 hours to 7 days and there’s no way of knowing why it varies. If you hold elite status with any airline you can expect a minimum match of Silver, offering you priority check in, priority boarding, business class lounge access on every flight, regardless of which cabin you’re in when flying through Dubai, the ability to use miles on board for instant upgrades and a few other goodies. Push for a challenge or match to a higher level, Gold is where the major benefits start. You can also see how others are doing HERE.

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