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Upgrade, anyone?

Emirates has announced positive changes to their Skywards frequent flyer program, making it easier than ever for members to buy, gift or transfer Skyward miles. From on board upgrades to dreamy first class flights in private suites, there’s a lot to love with Emirates loyalty program, and these improvements take things a step further. Translation: there’s no bad news here, only good stuff…

a row of seats with monitors on the backSkywards Points Cost Less

Emirates has adjusted the price of purchasing their Skywards miles from $40 per 1,000 miles to $30 per 1,000 miles, making miles more affordable to purchase. With no current announcement of points devaluation, this is a very positive move, helping customers top off towards something great – for less.

Transferring Emirates Points Costs Less

If you ever need to transfer your points to a friend or family member, to help balance their points budget or get them a step closer to a “free” flight or cabin upgrade, that’s now cheaper as well. Emirates has reduced the costs of transferring points between members from $25 per 1,000 miles to $15.

a bar with drinks and shelves in a planeYou Can Now Buy Up To 100,000 Points

Purchasing Emirates miles has long been an expensive hobby, and also a very restrictive one. No more than 25,000 Skyward points could be purchased in a given year, making it very hard to acquire enough points for many of the best redemptions. Emirates has now set a new cap at 100,000 and also raised the amount of points you can transfer 25,000 to 50,000 as well.

Reinstate Miles Too

We’re not done yet! Emirates has launched a new program allowing members to reinstate expired miles, which have expired within the last six months. Reinstating points will cost $20 per 1,000 miles and while not a superb deal, is $10 cheaper per 1,000 miles than buying points all over again.

Great Ways To Use Points

From VIP lounge access to instant upgrades on board, Emirates offers some of the most tech driven, progressive ways to use points. Of course, you can always use your points for flights in economy, business or first class, but the flexibility to use them at different parts of your journey makes them fantastic. Login to your Skywards account and enjoy. We love using Emirates points for first class flights out of places like Seoul, where no surcharges added, and flights are long enough to enjoy the fantastic service.

How do you feel about these changes?

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  1. 15$ to transfer, while $30 to buy 1000 miles is just ridiculous. Note you cannot also transfer miles to family account, or buy miles into family account. If you have been contributing 100% to family account, but short of miles for upgrades, this leaves you extremely disappointed. Emirates has the worst rewards program!

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