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You’ve probably already seen Emirates new Premium Economy cabin on the internet. The airline unveiled the fully bespoke new gap bridger between the flat beds and flying cocktail bars of business class and good ole’ economy seats last year, to rave reviews.

Unlike many airlines which often rush new seats out to market despite very little access for people to actually fly the seats, like having them installed on one plane, or without time to calibrate a new service, Emirates took a thoughtful approach to its big launch.

Basically, people have been flying Emirates premium economy for months already. Emirates used the time to learned a great deal about what passengers think, and little ways to make the experience even better, and as of today, the Premium launch is 100% official.

Emirates Officially Launches Premium Economy

Emirates has been surprising and delighting frequent flyers seated in economy with upgrades to premium in recent months. Customers received these sneak peeks as a way to test out service, expectation and pricing.

The new Emirates Premium Economy cabin has arrived on the latest Emirates A380. It’s time to discover your new comfort zone.

a woman standing in a plane
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If you’re curious about the extra comforts this beautiful new cabin offers, now’s your first official chance to fly Emirates Premium Economy. Well, to book it!

The Premium cabin is up for sale on routes all over the world, with an initial focus on Europe and Australasia. London and Paris in Europe, and Sydney and Christchurch in Asia Pacific are the first to feature.

It’s a big “upgrade” for the circa 6 hours flights between London or Paris and Dubai. The only question is whether it will make the gap between buying economy and then upgrading to business class more difficult, over time.

Bridging Comfort And Price With Soaring Demand

Travel demand continues to soar, driving business and first class prices particularly, into new highs. Premium Economy marks an exciting opportunity for customers to bag comforts of old, with a new boutique cabin.

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With 40” of legroom and 19.5” of seat width, these seats are among the most spacious in the Premium Economy game. Large HD entertainment screens, wood paneled tray tables and customized service definitely won’t hurt. The new cabin can be found at the front of the lower deck on the Airbus A380.

Overtime, Emirates will install Premium Economy on 105 of its Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. Roll out will steadily continue from May 2022 onward.

If you need just a little more legroom, but flat beds aren’t feasible, this is a compelling way from Emirates to travel better for less. It’s also worth noting that the A380 location makes for quick departures from the aircraft, unlike the back of economy. That’s often worth something in transit!

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  1. I have been flying Emirates to India from USA for 20+ years, service, plane condition, food were excellent so all this years but in my last week trip, I had horrible experience with Emirates.

    1. Their local airport staff at AMD are making all passengers miserable for 400-500 gram extra weight. I was checking one bag + 1 handbag instead of 2 bags + 2 handbag that means 50 Lbs less weight for airline but I wasted 1 hour for extra 2 kgs.
    2. Even I had frequent flyer membership for 20 years, they messed up my food choice.
    3. A380 seats were falling apart.
    4. Emirates getting too big now so they are taking customer for a granted.
    5. Their main ticket counter are under staff, very few counters through out large Dubai hub, I so long lines. I wanted to inquire about my connection but avoided long lines.
    6. On terminal 3 departure at Dubai, there was no clear sign posted for Hotel Shuttle Pickup, there was not a single airport staff in that area for help.
    7. It is now time to try Other airlines for next trip.

  2. A little correction

    Emirates will retrofit PE on 120 jets, of which there will be 67 A380s and 53 777s 😉

  3. Will Emirates be flying premium economy to Thailand/ Vietnam in 2022? If not what other destinations in the reagon.

  4. I travelled with emirates 5 times to india. Never had any problem. This time I had problem with food. On the way to india, only one dish was (beef) available. I did mention to airhostes. She told me to book your meal on line. No body told me about this. What happens if someone does not eat beef. There’s no other choice. On the way back, it was fine.

  5. Emirates is my choice when traveling back home , Premium Economy must be added too in the Philippines having a long hours journey

  6. I always flew Emirates from SA to UK business class until I discovered Qatar. Emirates got too big and lost the personal contact with their passengers.

  7. Love Emirates flew with them all the time but no longer stop in Brisbane from New Zealand.
    Never had an issue and meals and staff wonderful

  8. Its always exciting to fly Emirates. I am Gold member and been enjoying the Emirates excellent services. Anywhere I fly in the World I use Emirates airline. Now with these new upgrades in seats willl make the trip even more comfortable. Thank you Emirates for making flying easy and comfortable.

  9. The real question when are they going to refurbish their current business class seats? Paying business class fares and getting 10 year old shabby and uncomfortable seats is why I avoid Emirates whenever possible.

  10. I travelled from Bahrain to Florida on 1st of April and came back on 19th from JFK Newyork. This is my second trip in past 6 months and their staff at airport is soo pathetic their attitude plus I had severe back pain and wheel chair booked. They didn’t even consider. Staff don’t even know what us the policy for a child as well. I always prefer Emirates but I don’t think I am gonna do in future.

  11. I have happily flown Emirates to Adelaide annually for the past 12 years usually in economy class. This year, due to covid restrictions, I decided to fly business class. This included four flights – Glasgow/Dubai/Sydney return and as at that time Emirates had not yet set up Qantas partnership I had to book Domestic flights separately. Three of the business class flights were good but the return flight from Sydney to Dubai wasn’t. On the two occasions that meals were served I got my starter and but no main course arrived. Eventually after everyone around me had finished their meals, over half an hour later, I was served my main course which was not hot! I had to then ask for my dessert and at no point was I served coffee! The one drink that I ordered, aside from my wine with my meal, didn’t arrive and eventually I had to make my way to the bar and get it there.
    I wrote a complaint to Emirates and was quite shocked by their reply which said they had noted my complaint. They told me that their staff were very well trained in providing excellent care to their customers. They said they would let their training staff know of my complaint. There was no apology and I felt my complaint had just been abruptly dealt with in a short standard letter. I WON’T BE TRAVELLING BUSINESS CLASS WITH EMIRATES AGAIN!

  12. I’m planning to book 4 seats from Washington to Dubai on the Emirates A380. They have not announced the premium economy seats for this flight yet. Which seats should I book now which could be automatically upgraded to the premium economy if the plane is upgraded by then?

    Any suggestion on the best row for 4 seats together?

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