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Isn’t it time airlines started thinking about what we as passengers truly desire? That time is now. Mobile technology has revolutionized the possibilities of air travel, but it’s what’s happening on four wheels that just may blow your mind on a future Emirates flight. The airline is trialling door to door check in service, quite literally leaving the frustrations of airport check in and bag drop in the dust…

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Before you throw your phone and start jumping and screaming with delight- it’s just a trial- for now. The airline is experimenting with offering home delivery of boarding passes and bag drop, starting with customers in Dubai. The service is exactly how it sounds. Emirates has expanded check in to 48 hours, allowing passengers to schedule bag and boarding pass pick up within the 48 hour time frame. A truck pulls up to your front door, your passport is scanned, a mobile printer prints tags and boarding passes and off goes luggage. Go hands free you!

a close-up of a couple of suitcasesIn our eyes, this is nothing short of incredible. Even on a paid basis, this could be a triumphant mega hit. Would you pay $25 to have all the formalities and time wasting elements of the airport experience erased, allowing you to travel hands free to the airport, proceeding directly through security? That’s the question. It’s not hard to imagine this service expanding on a complimentary basis to business and first class passengers in major cities, while creating a new revenue stream, which simultaneuously delights economy passengers. Just take my money now. We leave you with a short video of the experience.

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  1. Sounds good but will this be like waiting for the cable installer to show up. Waiting around half the day for a random truck to show up for my bags would be worse than checking them at the bag drop usually.

    Oh and btw you know that OMG is offensive, right?

  2. There’s a service called Ta-Q_bin in japan that will collect your luggage 48 hours in advance to their facility in some major japan airports but customer still need to pick up their own bag and proceed to check-in counter as normal. I believe taxi cost is very expensive in Japan.

  3. Oh my god !
    I hope they keep the service after the trial period!
    Love it and absolutely will be having my luggage picked up every time I travel!😍

  4. BA has been doing this for a year in partnership with Airpotr https://airportr.com/ for London residents.
    I’ve used them a few times I love it as often I have to go to office before going to airports.
    Mwanwhile, In Japan if you are on domestic flight they will pick up your luggage and bring it to you home too. It minimises your time waiting for your lugguage!

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