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Finding a cheap Emirates flight? That’s easy…

Emirates isn’t always known for “cheap”, but “great” – it most definitely is. The five star airline offers $999 bottles of cognac, private suites, privacy doors and even showers in first class, not to mention a bar in business class on the A380.

Things are no different in economy class, and Emirates economy experience is always rated as one of the best. The screens are huge and the padding is like… real padding. But today, it’s something far more practical which has landed Emirates in the headlines: a low price finder tool.

a screenshot of a flight scheduleEmirates Low Price Finder

Who doesn’t love a flight deal? Even if you’re Scrooge McDuck and are happy to part ways with $9999 for a flight, finding a flight for $9499 feels a lot better. Emirates has now launched a new low fare calendar, which helps economy cabin customers find the lowest prices from over 150 worldwide gateways to places all around the world.

For now, it’s sadly limited to economy cabin searches, but hey – one day, maybe. Simply enter your route, like New York to Milan, or Dubai to London and an easy to read calendar will pop up with all the dates where you’ll find the very best prices in each month. The visual is fantastic and makes this whole “flight deal” thing pretty easy.

an airplane flying in the skyPutting Flight Deal Tips To Use

This tool is particularly handy when you have flexibility, or during great sales where you want to find the very best priced dates quickly before they sell out. Ugh. Emirates launches some famous flash sales, by the way, with US-Europe flights starting at $399 all in.

Having a visual calendar to point you directly to the best deals makes a big difference. No one wants to grind through the booking process and this makes things so much simpler. Simple = good.

a row of seats with monitors on the backCustomer Friendly Travel Tools

There isn’t an article about flight deals which doesn’t list flexibility. If you have it, you’ll now see why. Customer friendly tools such as this Emirates best fare finder make exploring the world easier and even if you can’t travel at the moment, playing around with city pairs is a great way to get a sense for what a typical price is between any two points in the world, and how seasons matter.

Plus, if you know what a good price is, you can tell the difference between an airline “sale” and an airline “SALE”. You never know what you might find, so check it out here.

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  1. Just like skyscanner, why isn’t this available for business class ?

    We know the technology is there but is it because the savings and thus the profits are being hidden ?

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